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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Morgoth Takes on Undefatable aka The Eyeball Clip on Youtube

Yes, this is THE Undefeatable, one of the best cheesy movies ever made. Godfrey Ho's modern day masterpiece. The acting is beyond horrible, and the way the actors deliver their lines is bound to cause laughter.

The movie starts off with a woman talking to her psychiatrist about her abusive husband Paul. She says Paul used to be a mechanic but has changed since he became a fighter. He fights in death matches and thinks he is undefeatable. Paul is nicknamed Stingray. He gets home one day and sexually abuses his wife. She finally leaves him and Stingray goes crazy. He starts kidnapping any woman that has a flower dress and red hair like his wife. The cops start to take notice after finding the women dead. There are a lot of clues, but these cops are not the brightest people. Ray Niam, an unknown actor to me, plays the cop that is investigating the murders.

Cynthia Rothrock is a gang member who fights on the street to earn money. She has a job as a waitress but needs the extra money to pay for her sister's college tuition. Her sister just so happens to have red hair and wears a flower dress. She is kidnapped and killed, and Rothrock teams up with the cop to take down the killer.

The fight scenes are not too bad. Stingray is hilarious. He is very muscular, kind of looks like Michael Douglas, and has a crazy mullet fro thing going on. His acting is so bad that he comes across as being mentally handicapped. He is not believable at being scary, but he is still a lot of fun to watch. His movements are very akward and his facial expressions had me bursting out with laughter.

The first fight scene introduces Ray Niam as the cop. This guy is a horrible actor. He never shows any emotion, and his acting performance is actually funny because you can tell he is trying his hardest, yet he does everything wrong. So the first fight has him taking out 2 goons who are robbing a convenience store. This fight is pretty good, but only about 10 seconds long. Ray Niam does some good handwork and takes out both guys quickly.

Next fight has Rothrock fighting a rival gang member. The fight itself is decent, but what is going on around the fight is much more interesting. The audience starts clapping and stomping a concrete wall in a rhythmic beat. Godfrey Ho really knows how to set the mood.
Next fight has Stingray killing some guy and kidnapping his girlfriend. Nothing special about this fight. It's too short, and the actor who plays Stingray doesn't seem to know what choreography is. He does his own thing. There is an nice stunt at the end of the fight, but that's it.

Then Rothrock has another planned fight. She goes up against a big guy who wears football pads and charges at her like a football player. Rothrock kicks him a few times and beats him easily. Somehow Stingray spots the football player and his girlfriend going home from the fight with Rothrock. The girl is wearing a flower dress and has red hair so Stingray goes over to their trailer and beats the guy up. But he doesn't take the girl. I think Godfrey Ho just forgot. This fight is over quickly. The football player is so bad he actually makes Stingray look good with a few of his punches.

In the next scene Stingray sees Rothrock's sister with her red hair and flower dress. This is one of the better fights of the movie, but too short only lasting about 30 seconds. Stingray looks tough and there is a good stunt.

Now that her sister is dead, Rothrock tries to find the killer by challenging gangs to fights. She goes up against an eagle claw performer. I like the idea of having the eagle claw guy wear actual claws, but the choreography is only average.

The next guy Rothrock challenges is not bad. They have a good fight but it is cut too short and turns into a bad group fight. There are a couple good stunts but the choreography is slow.
The final fight is Stingray vs the cop. This is as bad as fight choreography gets. These guys do not work well together. There is no chemistry and none of their attacks look believable. The cop is always putting his hand up to block kicks and punches before Stingray even attacks. Midway through they decide to take off their shirts for some reason. I guess Godfrey Ho was hoping the audience would look at the guys chests instead of the terrible fight that is going on. So the fight is bad, but very funny.

If you are a hardcore fighting fan, then this will disappoint. If you like really cheesy movies then you will love this. The final scene may just be the best scene in the movie. Rothrock decides to enroll all of her gang member friends into college. So is Rothrock going to college? She says no, but the cop already enrolled her. That sneaky dog.

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