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Saturday, August 29, 2015

"LOST AFTER DARK" Cast/Crew Signing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore on Tuesday, September 1st


Cast/Crew Blu-ray signing at
Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank !!!

WHAT:          Tubular! Go full retro when the cast and crew from the new 80’s inspired thriller    LOST AFTER DARK autograph Blu-rays at Burbank’s favorite gothic retailer Dark Delicacies bookstore.

WHEN:       Tuesday, September 1st, 2015, 7:00pm

WHERE:     Dark Delicacies Bookstore
                        3512 W. Magnolia Blvd.
                        Burbank, CA 91505
GUESTS:     Director/writer Ian Kessner;
                        Writer Bo Ransdell;
                        Producer Eric Gozlan;
                        Composer Eric Allaman;
                        Actors Robert Patrick (schedule permitting); David Lipper and Rick Rosenthal (Director, Halloween II and Halloween:Resurrection)

DETAILS:    Fans must purchase LOST AFTER DARK Blu-rays and DVDs at Dark Delicacies for signing. One additional item will be signed at celebrities’ discretion.

Spring Ball, 1984.  Adrienne (Kendra Leigh Timmins, Midnight Sun, "Wingin' It"), a straight-A student, joins her quarterback crush Sean (Justin Kelly, Maps To The Stars, Big Muddy) and some friends in sneaking out of their high school dance for some unsupervised mayhem.  The teens' party plans hit a snag when they run out of gas on a deserted road.  They head out on foot and discover a rundown farmhouse where they hope to find help.  Instead they find themselves at the mercy of Junior Joad (Mark Wiebe, Sweet Karma), a cannibal killer from an urban legend. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, the group’s quest for help becomes one of survival. Will anyone survive the night? LOST AFTER DARK arrives September 1st on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment!

Read our review of LOST AFTER DARK


Friday, August 28, 2015

#1 SERIAL KILLER -- DVD Review by Porfle

From the "he was a quiet man" school of kill flicks, the main character of #1 SERIAL KILLER, a.k.a. "Chink" (2013), is fed up as hell and doesn't want to take being regarded as the office creep anymore.  But instead of going postal, Eddy (Jason Tobin, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT) aspires to something greater--becoming the best serial killer of all time.

It's a pathetic goal and we know Eddy's too much of a loser to achieve even this, but once he gets started he certainly makes a concerted effort to match or surpass his hero, Ted Bundy.  There are scenes of him acting tough and scary in front of the bathroom mirror to clippings of Bundy, and we almost expect the creepy bastard to materialize as a spectral mentor a la Elvis in TRUE ROMANCE. 

At his job in a company called "HK and Chang Imports" (nice name) Eddy's the guy with a hopeless crush on a co-worker--in this case, beautiful blonde babe Amber (Kenzie Dalton).  But no matter how he tries to summon his courage and break the ice he can't help coming off as weird, especially to Amber's bitchy friend Tricia (Shoshana Bush) who keep a suspicious eye on him. 

Amber's rejection of Eddy during a party sends him into a "Carrie"-style nightmare of insecurity and humiliation that stokes his growing urge to make that first big kill.  The violence and audacity of his murders will grow as he becomes more detached from reality and fancies himself some kind of higher being.

Eddy's increased self-confidence comes in handy when he starts dating the new Asian girl in the office, Karena (Eugenia Yuan, I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT), who is actually the boss's reluctant mistress.  Karena helps Eddy overcome his odd self-loathing for being Chinese--he goes by the last name "Richards" and tells people he was adopted by Caucasian parents--and, in scenes that would be rather charming in any other kind of movie, she takes him to various Asian restaurants to introduce him to exotic foods he's never tried before.

This aspect of the story, how Asian-Americans feel about and are perceived by modern American society, is something screenwriter Koji Steven Sakai and director Stanley Yung felt compelled to explore even if it took making their main character a wacko serial killer to do it.  (The original title, "Chink", indicates their desire to be provocative.) 

Be that as it may, the story takes some not-so-unexpected turns when his boss, Mr. Chang (Tzi Ma, RUSH HOUR, THE LADYKILLERS), is angered by Eddy's relationship with Karena and takes action.  This is further complicated when she finally discovers his true nature and he's forced to take desperate actions himself which will result in even more killing and a final shocking resolution to the whole sordid situation. 

All of this potentially garish material is presented in a low-key, deliberately-paced style that's functional without drawing attention to itself.  While I originally expected the film to be torture porn and/or a gorehound's delight, it's actually neither.  Instead, although there are definitely a few "wet" parts, the violence is often suggested (effectively) rather than graphically depicted. 

The DVD from Indican Pictures is in 1:85 widescreen with Dolby 2.0 sound and English subtitles.  Extras consist of an official trailer and two festival teasers, a "Chink" music video, a behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted and alternate scenes, and cast and crew interviews.

This is more of a twisted character study than anything else, not unlike HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER but without that film's stark realism and heavily oppressive atmosphere. Indeed, Jason Tobin's energetic performance as a monstrous, yet enterprising young psycho, along with that of the likable Eugenia Yuan and the rest of the capable cast, actually gives #1 SERIAL KILLER a kind of light touch that keeps it from descending to the level of more lurid and tawdry entries in the genre.  I didn't love it, but I liked it, despite an ending that I didn't find altogether convincing. 

Tech Specs
Runtime: 87 minutes
Format: 1:85
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Sound: Dolby SR
Country: USA
Language: English


Thursday, August 27, 2015

GONE DOGGY GONE -- DVD Review by Porfle

This movie is just so pleasantly goofy in all the right ways that I just couldn't help but thoroughly enjoy it. Not too heavy on slapstick or farce, GONE DOGGY GONE (2014) is like a live-action cartoon for adults in which certain of their foibles are skewered in delightfully nutty ways.

Abby and Elliott Harmon are one of those boring yuppie couples who have absolutely no clue how out of it they are.  Their first scene together is one of the funniest, in which it sounds as though they're carrying on a totally nonsensical conversation with each other until we realize each is speaking to someone else via headset phones.  When they actually start talking to each other, they can't think of anything to say.

The only interest they seem to share with any enthusiasm is their tiny "Teacup Yorkie" dog, Laila, with whom both are abnormally obsessed.  The trouble is, the babysitter they've hired to take care of Laila--a nice but socially-awkward nerdgirl named Jill (Shaina Vorspan, REDEMPTION)--is equally devoted to the li'l nipper.  So much so, in fact, that one day she impulsively kidnaps the dog (her "BFF") and makes off with her in her car.

The Harmons frantically set off in pursuit, taking them on a life-changing odyssey that will bring them together by throwing them into some wildly bizarre situations--such as being forced to strip naked at gunpoint by robbers who abscond with $30,000 in ransom money--and turning GONE DOGGY GONE into a road picture.

Things get even more complicated when Dan (Jeff Sloniker), the inept private investigator they hire to tail Jill, falls in love with her and they end up having to tail him.  Sloniker plays Dan as a disgusting slob who hates working for his overbearing dad Stan (special guest star Richard Riehle of OFFICE SPACE), and they all end up at Jill's mom's house in New Mexico being menaced by a scary Mafia loan shark to whom Stan is deeply in debt.

Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter, who play Abby and Elliott, also do an utterly surehanded job writing, producing, and directing the film with an exquisite subtlety that gives even the most outlandish scenes a painfully deadpan quality.  Brown's frantic reactions to Laila's kidnapping and their subsequent indignities along the road are priceless, as is Walter's passively resigned response to it all.  Abby's friend Kat (Kate Connor), a wine-swilling cougar along for the ride, adds her own cynical eccentricities to the mix.

Vorspan is a delight as Jill--she's a well-meaning ditz who loves her beat-boxing boyfriend even when he dumps her right after sex, and can't believe she just got laid off from her temp job when people who didn't even make coffee or decorate cute mugs for everyone else got to stay. 

Jill's pitiful need for love, which is the reason she's so desperately attached to Laila, comes from feelings of rejection by her cold-shoulder mom Ruth (Marsha Waterbury). This, along with some genuinely moving moments as the emotionally stunted Harmons start to regain their humanity, gives GONE DOGGY GONE an actual heart which makes the comedy even better while never lapsing into bathos.

The DVD from Indican Pictures is in 1.78 widescreen and Dolby 2.0 sound, with English subtitles.  Extras consist of a making-of featurette, deleted scenes, bloopers, and trailers for this and other Indican releases.

GONE DOGGY GONE reminded me a bit of another upstart indy comedy about a dog, Bobcat Goldthwaite's exquisite SLEEPING DOGS LIE, with its ability to surprise us by being so much better than expected.  And like that film, this wonderful little romp is out-of-its-mind unhinged but pretends not to be, which just makes it even funnier. 

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Corin Hardy's Acclaimed Horror Hit "THE HALLOW"--Poster Now Available


Directed by Corin Hardy

Click here to download the poster

*Opens in Select Theaters on November 6th*
(VOD and Digital Platforms on November 5th)

"A viscerally scary fantasy horror tale... [Hardy] proves himself both a gifted visual stylist and an assured storyteller with a wicked grasp of sustained dread."


"A slick, confident debut... This pleasingly old-school Irish-backwoods scarer should appeal to fans of Guillermo Del Toro."
- Charles Gant, SCREEN DAILY

"Embraces a thrilling mix of practical effects, animatronics, puppetry and prosthetics along with subtle CG enhancements to create a vivid collection of nightmarish fiends."
- Geoff Berkshire, VARIETY


Deep within the darkness of secluded forest land in rural Ireland dwells an ancient evil. Feared by the nearby superstitious villagers as cursed creatures who prey upon the lost, their secrets have been kept from civilization and remain on their hallowed ground. But when a conservationist from London moves in with his wife and infant child in order to survey the land for future construction, his actions unwittingly disturb the horde of demonic forces. Alone in a remote wilderness, he must now ensure his family's survival from their relentless attacks.

With his feature debut, acclaimed visual stylist Corin Hardy displays an innate talent for the macabre, approaching the medium with a cocksure confidence in his construction of the modern horror fable. Relying upon a precise and layered technical elegance, The Hallow seethes with an uncommonly sophisticated terror that uncoils effortlessly into an atmosphere of disquieting intensity and primal dread.


Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic, Michael McElhatton, Michael Smiley

About The Director:

Corin Hardy is an award-winning filmmaker, whose live action and animated work mixes the macabre, the beautiful and the epic to visually dazzling results. Corin studied Special Effects at Wimbledon School of Art before making his award-winning stop-motion short film Butterfly in 2003. This led into directing music videos, beginning with Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ and ‘Bedshaped’ and continuing with films for a mix of mainstream acts including The Prodigy, Biffy Clyro, Olly Murs, Paolo Nutini and The Rizzle Kicks as well as underground indies The Horrors, Dry The River, The Horrible Crowes – and recently the 9 minute crime epic for Devlin and Ed Sheeran’s Watchtower, all produced with Academy Films. For the past 10 years Corin has been writing and developing four of his own horror-based feature film projects with production companies in UK & US these include: The Hallow with Occupant Films, Refuge with Big Talk Films, Frogz Legz with Brilliant Films and F E S T with Pari Passu. Corin is also attached to direct Element Pictures teen thriller Where There’s Darkness.

COUNTRY: Ireland/United Kingdom
RUN TIME:  97 min


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DEATH VALLEY -- Movie Review by Porfle

Sort of a sandy, sun-blanched noir, DEATH VALLEY (2015) forgoes gut-punch visceral impact for a more snakelike seductive quality that simmers until done.

After a cop picks up a terrified, traumatized girl on a lonely highway, crying "Dead! They're all dead!", we flashback to her tearful story as she spins it back at the station.  Two odd couples set out across the desert from L.A. to Vegas on a brand-new road that hasn't even been opened to the public yet--ensuring a privacy they'll soon regret--and are shocked when a woman in nothing but her lacy underwear leaps in their path and starts blasting away at them with a gun. 

They hit her, crash the car, bury the body, and set out across the desert in search of a parallel highway which is supposed to be within walking distance.  But during this "trudge through the desert" sequence, some dramatic revelations emerge between the characters that really liven things up and keep them--and us--on edge. 

For one thing, TV and movie producer Billy (Lochlyn Munro, IN THE NAME OF THE KING 2: TWO WORLDS, JULES VERNE'S MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, UNFORGIVEN) and Annie (Katrina Law, "Spartacus"), the aspiring actress he's on his way to Vegas to marry after a one-night courtship, still have a paper-thin relationship and thus certain revelations might tend to dim the blush on the rose of their tentative love.

As for the other couple, prison parolee Roy (Nick E. Tarabay, excellent as the devious Ashur in "Spartacus") and his wife Jamie (Victoria Pratt, "Heartland"), who just might've gotten it on with Billy the night before, are at an even more volatile crossroads which will not end well.  When these four people get out in the middle of nowhere with too much booze, too many pills, and a situation growing hotter than the burning sands (including yet another dead body or two), it's a powderkeg just waiting for something to set it off.

A surehanded subtlety is the order of the day as this deceptively simple storyline gets deeper as we go farther into the desert.  Prolific TV director T.J. Scott shows a deft touch for this kind of slightly-bent character drama with elements of the predicament movie and the adult thriller mixed well into an off-center, off-balance puzzler that keeps us guessing who's not what they seem and who's a lot badder than they let on. 

Scott also makes great use of beautiful desert locations, photographing his actors against picturesque Southwestern backdrops that capture the expansiveness of their surroundings and their vulnerability to both the elements and to irrevocable fate itself.

Each cast member is fine. The ubiquitous Lochlyn Munro is a particular hoot as Billy, a typical obnoxious, low-level Hollywood type who always has hot irons in somebody else's fire.  For fans of the epic TV series "Spartacus", it's great seeing Nick E. Tarabay and Katrina Law in something that continues to take good advantage of their talents.  Victoria Pratt as Jamie manages to evoke our sympathy in the smaller role of the emotionally-conflicted Jamie. 

The pressure cooker finally blows its lid in the closing minutes when all the mysteries are revealed and all the masks come off.  While hardly a steamrolling action epic or mind-blowing drama, DEATH VALLEY is well-rendered, performed with verve by a cracking good cast, and doesn't leave the viewer feeling stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Tech Specs
Runtime: 88 minutes
Format: Widescreen
Sound: Stereo
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Country: USA
Language: English


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT" Release Postponed to September 29th

Critical Hit A Plague So Pleasant Held Back

The Infection Now Breaks Free September 29th

"Puts a new cinematic spin on the zombie genre."
-Filmmaker Magazine

New York, NY - Wild Eye Releasing has announced a date change for their latest cinematic epidemic.  A Plague So Pleasant will now infect home entertainment systems beginning September 29th.  A more dangerous strain than recent efforts, the film has been hailed by undead aficionados as "a miraculous accomplishment" (Zombie Guide Magazine), "an Excellent, Original Zombie Movie" (, and "so much better than the average straight to video zombie travesty" (The Rotting Zombie).

In the near future, zombies have become a protected, endangered species, held in captivity and legally wandering the streets free from harm by the living. But for the loved ones of those who die, sometimes coping is just too much to handle, especially when not everyone feels the dead have a right to exist, and are willing to break the law to rid the world of this new population of the dead.

The DVD release of A Plague So Pleasant (SRP $19.95) will exclusively include promos and trailers. 

Official trailer

Buy it at