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Monday, October 1, 2007

Jaman VOD service ot expand with movies from Fortune Star

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HONG KONG – Video downloading service, Jaman has signed content deals with four leading indie sales companies including Fortune Star and Fortissimo from Asia.

Jaman, which combines high-definition downloading of feature movies and social networking, has focus on independent and art-house sector. New deals expand its video-on-demand line-up to 1,700 titles.

Fortune Star, the library and Asian film production offshoot of New Corp., will supply several dozen titles from its 800-title catalogue. Categories include "The Best in Martial Arts," "Legend of Bruce Lee's Family," "Legend of Chow Yun Fat," "The Rising Asian Stars," and "The Hollywood Asian Babes" starring Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh.

I'm not a huge fan of computer VOD, but I have tried Jaman out in the past and it works alright enough. More importantly this deal may allow fans to easily see HK films that lack a local release in their region. This will cut down on the cost of importing discs from Asia, which are often fairly barebones anyway. Prices are fairly cheap for rental and both purchase (ranging from 3-8 USDs IIRC). Jaman also has a content deal with Celestial that has allowed Shaw Brothers films to appear on their service. No word on when the titles will start to appear.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Shaw Brothers titles so much that I actually dedicated the entire last newsletter to Shaw's birthday. :)

How did you like it?

- Jamanista