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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dragon Dynasty Shanghai Express DVD Review

Video: Brian White and the team at Dragon Dynasty have delivered an excellent transfer of this Fortune Star re-mastered print. The colours are extremely strong and vibrant, and yet at the same time do not suffer from any form of over-saturation (ie no heavy pink tones, although they pop up during the interview clip montages, maybe from an earlier transfer, but not in the main picture). The detail and clarity of the print are excellent (if you want a comparison to how the film used to look check out the un-restored deleted scenes) and allow for a great ease in picking up a lot of the cameos in this film. The transfer is 2:35:1 and of course enhanced for 16X9 televisions. The picture quality makes Shanghai Express and its spaghetti-western influences a real beauty to behold.

Audio: The primary track we listened to was the Cantonese mono track (which I can confirm is just that mono, thankfully Dragon Dynasty has never suffered the problem of receiving fake mono mixes). It sounds a tiny bit harsh, but that has more to do with the recording techniques in Hong Kong at the time, more so than anything else.The classic sound effects are present and make the film all the more enjoyable. The are also English and Cantonese 5.1 mixes available and both sound fine nothing having any dropout or sound problems. There is also a audio commentary track with Bey Logan.

Extras: Brian White, Bey Logan, and the team at Dragon Dynasty have given us a bevy of extras to enjoy for their special edition of Shanghai Express. First, we have the standard (and by standard, I mean excellent) Bey Logan commentary which does an excellent job at pointing at the various cameos in the film, the different versions, and even the role of Yusaki Kurata in cherographing some of the fights. All in all a great track for a great film. There is in informative 14:46 long video interview with Sammo Hung which discusses the production of the filming. Then we get a 24 minute interview with Cynthia Rothrock talking about her introduction to the martial arts and her career, specifically Shanghai Express and also tells you why working in the United States is a lot easier than being in Hong Kong. We also get a great 20 minute interview with Yuen Biao talking about the film and the dangers of shooting some of the stunts. We then get a special treat for US fans as Dragon Dynasty gives fans an exclusive that was not even on the UK or HK discs of Shanghai Express: deleted scenes. There are four scenes of varying running time in un-remastered condition. Paragons of Virtue runs nearly 6:47 minutes long, Roof Rage runs 19 seconds, Close, but No Cigar runs 47 seconds and RestroomRretreat runs 31 seconds.

Final Thought: With a great transfer and sound setup completed with unique extras that won't appear anywhere else in the world makes Dragon Dynasty's Shanghai Express a EASY buy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shaw Brother's release schedule for the second half of 2007 is up!

Shaw Bros release schedule second half of 2007 is up!

Not much else to say, thanks to Donnie 1974 for finding this. Just click on the link and you'll find a link to the list or just read it here :)

BBC Dracula coming to R1

BBC Dracula finally hitting US stores!

On September 25 Warner/BBC Video are going to release the 1977 miniseries Count Dracula on DVD for $14.98

Thanks to thebrainfollower, check the link above for the discussion about it at CHFB

New DVD Sets Coming in Time for Halloween!

New DVD Sets Coming in Time for Halloween!
Link above to CHFB for the full story!

At the CinEvent Film Conference in Columbus I ran into reps from studios that are releasing some classics for the Halloween season this year (Thank you Michael, Jessica and friends). Three classic horror box sets are coming to DVD this fall. One from Columbia and one from Fox. The Columbia set will include THE WEREWOLF (1956 with Steven Rich), CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN (1955 with Richard Denning), ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU (1957), THE GIANT CLAW (1957) and one other title to yet announced. The suggested retail price will be around 24.95. They will not be released separtately. The Fox set will include CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (1932 with Bela Lugosi as Roxor), THE UNDYING MONSTER (1942, Fox's answer to THE WOLF MAN), THE LODGER (1944 with Laird Cregar), HANGOVER SQAURE (1945, also with Cregar) and MAN HUNT (1941 with Walter Pidgeon, Joan Bennett, George Sanders, John Carradine and Roddy McDowell). Finally Kino will be packaging some of their horrors in a new box set (all previously released on single discs).

Special thanks to Jim Clatterbaugh

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hercules Against the Moon Men (1964) Review

Hercules Against the Moon Men

I first came across HATMM when I was watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 a year or two ago. I had stumbled across a very funny little film full of action, bright (well their faded now) colors, and crazy rock men. I had figured I would never see it again outside of the MST3K episode, but much to my surprise it was on a 50 pack Sci-Fi DVD set from Mill Creek Entertainment, which was likely taken from a copy put out by Retromedia (which looks just like the print on MST3K).

So I put the film film in yesterday not sure what to expect, but much to my surprise, besides the infamous sandstorm thrid act which really slows the picture down, I found a really fun sword and sandal film. It succeeds generally in being a briskly paced (once again ignoring the sandstorm) Italian epic with nice costumes and sets and some really out there villains in regards to the rock people of the moon. Hercules must help liberate a kingdom ruled by a Queen of pure evil, who makes the villagers scrafice their children in order to please her cruel moon men overlords (nice, huh?).The action is generally pretty good too as Alan Steel (aka Sergio Cian) (as Hercules plays a really upstanding guy full of energy and also blessed with a decent dubber), finds creative ways to dispatch his enemies. This is instead of the simple, toss a guy across the room school of ass-kicking. While I like the voices on the dubbers the lip-syncs are really off (not as a tech error, just poor syncing in the script), but once you get into the swing of things you no longer mind it as I said the voices are generally good. The costumes like on most Italian epics are gorgeous and a pleasure to look at.

This title can be found easily on numerous PD sets or from Retromedia (it is the same print through). I highly recommend you give this great Italian sword and sandal film a try.

Here is a little fun fact from wikipedia:

In the original Italian language version, the hero was not Hercules but Maciste, and its original Italian title was Maciste e la regina di Samar (Maciste and the Queen of Samar). Its French title was Maciste contre les hommes de pierre (a rough translation would be Maciste vs. the Stone Men), but the English distributors dubbed him to be Hercules, because Maciste, originally a hero in silent Italian cinema, was not well-known to American audiences.

Join the discussion of the film at Classic Horror Film Board:
Hercules Against the Moon Men


Friday, May 25, 2007

UFC 71 Preview and Predictions: By Keith Shillan

It is about time. It feels like ages since we had a UFC main event that I got this excited for. It was probable UFC 65 when Matt Hughes fought Georges St. Pierre for the second time, that made me this excited. On Saturday night, the UFC's posterboy Chuck "the Iceman" Liddell tries to avenge his only lost in his career that hasn't been avenged. The man standing in his way is the charismatic body slamming machine called Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Lets take a closer look at the UFC's PPV card.

Chris "the Crippler" Leben vs Kalib Starnes

Both these fighters became popular by their stints on the Ultimate Fighter reality show. Leben on the debut season and Starnes on the third seaon. Both fighters are coming of disappointing loses. Leben known for his confidence (almost cocky) personality became a household name and his hands also made him a fan favorite. Leben was a disappointing on the show. Losing a decision to the then inexperienced Josh Koscheck and then losing on a cut to Kenny Florian (a fight that Leben was easily winning). Since the show Leben has had his ups and downs. He first beat Jason Thacker by first round TKO and then won a split decision slugfest against Patrick Cote. His wins would get even more impressive with first round submission (armbar) victory over Edwin Dewees, first round TKO victory over Jorge Rivera, and a unamious decision over Luigi Fiorvanti. Yet as of late times have been different. First, Leben was given a Muay Thai Kickboxing 101 lesson from current middleweight champion Anderson Silva, which made Leben look like an amateur. Leben would recover with a second round KO over Jorge Santiago, but was submitted by Jason MacDonald in their matchup.

As for Starnes, he also was disappointing on his stint on the reality show. He was the early favorite on the show. He made short work of boxer Mike Stine but lost to the show champion Kendell Grove when the fight was stopped due to Starnes receiving a rib injury. Starnes would make his actually debut in the UFC by making short work of Danny Abbadi by first round submission. He would then lose a uninspring third round TKO lost to Yushin Okami.

The key to Starnes victory is to take Leben down, where he holds an advantage in the submission game. I just don't see this happening. I believe Leben has a good enough take down defense (due to having trained in the past with top wrestlers like Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, and Dan Henderson). Leben clearly has the advantage in the hands. Every throw he makes has knockout written all over it. Leben has a head made off cement (Yes, Anderson Silva breaks cememt) and can take a beaten. This fight is probable due or die for both fighters, with their future with the UFC in jeopardy. I expect Kalib to try to take it to the ground but being unsuccessful, and see Leben landing a huge shot late in the first round. Leben by KO.

"The Dean of Mean" Keith Jardine vs Houston Alexander

The TUF alumni continues when season 2 member Jardine faces off against UFC newcomer Alexander. Jardine is currently a top contender in the UFC Light Heavyweight Division. Jardine could arguable be undefeated in the UFC. He lost to fellow Greg Jackson submission academy teamate Rashad Evans on the show but has been on a tear since. Beating fellow castmates Kerry Schall and Mike Whitehead in his first two UFC matches but then lost a very controversial decision to Stephan Bonnar (I gave it to Jardine). He would redeem himself with a come from behind decision win against Wilson Gouveia. His success would continue, when he notched the biggest win of his career when he demolished fan favorite Forrest Griffin. Jardine looks to make a bid for the next title shot by using Alexander as his victim.

I can't really comment on Alexander, because I have not actually seen him fight before. He is really attempting to tackle a huge obstacle when he takes on top contender Jardine. Jardine has KO power in his hands, crisp leg kicks, and a good gas tank (which comes from training with team Jackson). I expect Jardine's experience alone to carry him to an easy victory. Expect to see Jardine showcase his hands with a first round TKO win.

Ivan Salaverry vs Terry Martin

It has been a long time since Ivan Salaverry has graced the UFC. He was last seen in the UFC losing a lackluster fight to Nate Marquardt back in August 2005. Salaverry first bursted onto the UFC seen by dismantling AndreiSemenov back in 2002. He would then lose a decision to top Middleweight contender Matt Lindland. He would get back on the winning path with back to back submission wins. He first beat Tony Fryklund by body triangle (possible the only one I have seen end a match), and then by triangle choke (led by an awesome kick from the bottom position) over the always tough Joe Riggs. Salaverry was then matched up on the very first main event of the UFC Fight Night card against Nate Marquardt. To the UFC disaproval Salaverry and Marquardt danced around the octagon with little action. Marquardt won the fight, and Salaverry was booted from the UFC. Only to have fought once since.

Martin has also had his share of ups and downs during his time in the UFC. Martin first came to the UFC as a Light Heavyweight. In his debut, he fought the heavy handed James Irvin. Martin known for his wrestling, toke Irvin down and controlled him for the first round. It was the opening of the second round that will always be in the UFC highlight reel history. Irvin threw one of the best flying knees in MMA history, KOing Martin in a flash. Martin would be invited back to the UFC matching him against Jason Lambert. The fight was pretty competitive until Martin's gas tank ran empty and Lambert would eventually win a TKO victory in the second round. Martin would then move down to the middleweight and have a highlight reel win off his own with a 14 seconds KO over Jorge Rivera.

This matchup matches Martin's size and wrestling ability against Salaverry's submission game. I expect Martin to come out with the early lead. Taking Salaverry down and controlling him on the ground. Expect to see Salaverry transition from submission attempt to submission attempt. I expect Martin to neutralize his attempts early but to eventually gas out late in the fight. I see Salaverry catching Martin in a submission in the early third round.

Karo "The Heat" Parisyan vs "The People's Warrior" Josh Burkman

This fight has fight of the night written all over it. Karo Parisyan has been a top UFC welterweight contender for a while. He has exciting victories of Nick Diaz, Chris Lytle, and Drew Fickett to name a few. Losing close decisions to former welterweight champ Geoges St. Pierre and also to top contender Diego Sanchez. Karo has unbelievable Judo throws and is awesome at the submission game. His Kimura against Dave Strasser is amazing. Karo has been know for having been in wars. He also a smart vet with a victory over current UFC welterweight champ Matt Serra.

Burkman is another former TUF 2 cast mate. He won a decision win over Melvin Guillard on the show. He would suffer an injury during that fight which would cause him to not be able to continue on the show. Burkman would make his first two UFC fights electrifying ones. Making short work of both Sam Morgan and Drew Fickett. He would lose by rear naked choke to welterweight contender Jon Fitch but would rebound with back to back decision victories over the always tough Josh Neer and the UFC debuting Chad Reiner.

This fight is going to be exciting. Both fighters bring fire works to the table. Burkman is very well rounded. He has great wrestling slams like his KO slam of Sam Morgan and a very underated submission game (Ask Drew Fickett). Burkman probable has the edge in the hands. I truly belive that Burkman could win a boring decision by staying away and pop shotting Karo to a three round victory ala Koscheck vs Sanchez. Yet, I don't think Burkman is that style of fighter. He loves to be aggresive and always come forward. Karo on the other hand, has world class Judo skills. His throws are highlight reel material. He also has the advantage on the ground. When on his back, he is always attempting submission attempts. I expect to see everything in this fight. Both guys throwing haymakers, Burkman slamminh Karo, Karo throwing Burkman, Burkman ground and pounding, Karo making submission attempt after attempt. This will be a closer fight then some expect. I see Karo using is experience in big fights to propel him into winning a split decision.

Chuck "the Iceman Liddell vs Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

To many casual fans, this is a no-brainer. Chuck will win. Chuck always wins. To the hardcore fans, they know it is not always true. Jackson is the last fighter to beat Chuck. He is the only fighter to hold a win over Chuck that he has not avenged. These two fighers last fought almost 4 years ago. Quinton, as he would say himself, "whooped Chuck's ass". He won the standup, and toke Chuck down with one of his slams. He then stamped Chuck with a tremendous ground and pound display. Yet, since then both fighters have taken different paths.

Rampage has gone 7-3 since. He was brutally Kod twice by Wanderlei Silva. He also did not have one second of offense when he lost by 1rd TKO to Maurice "Shogun" Rua. He also won two controversial decisions over Murilo Ninja and Matt Lindland (I gave him the win over Ninja, and I am in the minority but the lost to Lindland). He did have a spectacular KO over Ricardo Arona (Best slam in the history of MMA) and his TKO win over Marvin Eastman.

Chuck on the other hand has been amazing. He has been on a 7 KO/TKO win streak. He avenged loses to UFC Heavyweight champ and Hall of Famer Randy Couture (twice) and Jeremy Horn, while beaten rivals Tito Ortiz (twice), Vernon White, and Renato Sobral (twice, once before he fought Quinton and once after).

This is a fight that Chuck and fans have been asking for a long time. These two match up great in so many ways. On the feet, Chuck is a counter puncher that throws pin point accurate bombs that have put the best of the best to sleep. While Rampage has an aggresive straight ahead, crisp punching style,has an awesome double leg takedown that is finished with a huge slam. Chuck on the other hand has one of the best takedown defense in the game. Wrestlers like Randy Couture (not their first fight) and Tito Ortiz have had awful times trying to take him down. If it hits the ground, Rampage has breath taking ground and pound (and we haven't even seen him throw elbows yet) yet Chuck is know for simply just getting back to his feet as quickly as he has been taking down. In their first fight, Quinton held Chuck down but was helped by knees to the ground which is illegal in the US.

This fight is great. I have changed my mind tons of times already. Yet, if I have to go on the record. I am taking Chuck by 4th round TKO. Though Rampage and his camp has sounded so confident, Rampage has had a bad history in title fights. If Chuck does win this fight, his legacy might make him the greatest UFC fighter in history and leave him second on the list to Fedor Emelianenko as greatest on the MMA list.


Prelims predictions:

Din Thomas vs Jeremy Stephens - Din by UD
Sean Salmon vs Alan Belcher - Salmon by dec
James Irvin vs Thiago Silva - Silva by 1rd TKO
Wilson Gouveia vs Carmelo Marrero - Gouveia by 3rd sub

Email for any questions or comments

K1 World Max Card Set for June 28th

On June 28th K1 will hold its third and final K1 Max event of the year at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo Japan. The K1 Max division features the sports top competitors in the 90kg (154lbs) weight class in very competitive action packed match ups. This card features a tournament format along with an intriguing selection of “Super Fight” bouts. The tournament bracket has not been finalized but we will have a full report closer to the date of the event.

K1 World Max 2007, Nippon Budokan – Tokyo Japan

K-1Rules / 3min. x 3R Ex1R
Masato vs J.Z. Calvan
Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs Nicky Holtzken
Andy Souwer vs Ian Schaffa
Drago vs Mike Zambidis
Yoshihiro Sato vs Denis Schneidmiller
Albert Kraus vs Virgil Kalakoda
Artur Kyshenko vs Soo-Hwan Lee

Super Fight / K-1Rules / 3min. x 3R Ex1R
Takayuki Kohiruimaki vs Tsogto "SHINOBU" Amara
TATSUJI vs Andy Ologun

Mike Squier

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Review DVDs came today for the two above titles and Above the Law does feature an Alternate Ending as a feature and there are also Deleted Scenes on the Shanghai Express disc. Expect full details in our upcoming reviews.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cover's for Hard Boiled and More DD Shaws

Thanks to Ricky at's forums for finding HB and Morgoth for finding the Shaws on Amazon.


Before you ask. I don't know about the deleted scenes or alternate ending, this is only what was listed on the specs given to me. I should have a review copy of both discs tomorrow and hopefully that should clear up any questions about the content. Those features (deleted scenes and an alternate ending) are listed on the Dragon Dynasty website, so it may just be nothing. I'll post some cover pics later.

“Shanghai Express” (starring Action Legend Yuen Biao)

Running Time: 96 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Languages: English and Cantonese

Subtitles: English and Spanish

Sound: English 5.1, Cantonese Mono and 5.1


Hilarious escapades and breathtaking action collide in this stunt-filled thrill ride from the director of Jet Li’s Once Upon a Time in China and America.

Before Hollywood produced Shanghai Noon, Hong Kong created Shanghai Express: a fun-filled adventure where the Far East meets The Old West. Featuring an all-star cast of Sammo Hung (Kill Zone), Yuen Biao (Once Upon a Time in China ), and Cythia Rothrock (Above the Law), this action-packed caper follows a band of unlikely heroes who team up to protect their hometown from ruthless bandits. With one of the greatest action finales, the movie culminates in an all-out showdown of martial arts icons.

DVD Special Features:

· Feature commentary with Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan

· Way Out West: an interview with Yuen Biao

· Trailblazer featurette with Cynthia Rothrock

· Express Delivery: an interview with director and star, Sammo Hung

· Hong Kong promotional trailer

· US promotional trailer

“Above the Law” (a film by Corey Yuen)

Running Time: 96 minutes

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Languages: English and Cantonese

Subtitles: English and Spanish

Sound: English 5.1, Cantonese Mono and 5.1


When a corrupt judicial system frees the crime bosses who killed an innocent family, a renegade prosecutor (Yuen Biao, Once Upon a Time in China ) takes justice into his own hands. Packed with full-contact martial arts action, hi-octane car chases, and death-defying stunt sequences, this explosive thriller from action-director Corey Yuen (The Transporter) delivers non-stop excitement from beginning to end!

DVD Special Features:

· Feature commentary with Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan

· The Vigilante: an interview with producer and star, Yuen Biao

· Action Overload featurette with Cynthia Rothrock

· From The Ring to The Silver Screen featurette with Peter Cunningham

· Hong Kong promotional trailer

· US promotional trailer


Sly is back as JOHN RAMBO! Insane Violence Returns Too!

Most of you will have already seen this clip provided by AICN of JOHN RAMBO, the new Rambo film. Still, if you haven't you missing out on some insane violence and as a public service HKFCN wants to make sure you not missing a thing! Still we were asking ourselves where is the classic Jerry Goldsmith theme!?!?!



Bruno Mattei Passes Away at 75.

Bruno Mattei Dies at 75

Bruno Mattei, a cult director known for some insane films including one that featured gobs of stocked nature footage (Hell of the Living Dead), his own version of Predator (Robowar), and a post-apocalyptic epic (Rats) passed away recently while in coma brought on by stomach complications. While his films were not art by any means one could never say that a Bruno Mattei film was anything (for better or worse), but a unique experience to watch. More details at the link above at CHFB.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Wolf Man (1941) Audio Review/Discussion

We did a review/discussion for The Wolf Man (1941) that we hope you will enjoy. This film is one of the great classic horror/monster films of its time and is certainly worth a look at.

We hope you enjoy it. Here is the download link:

Note: You may have to turn the volume up a little bit as the recording volume was low.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dragon Dynasty Shaw Specs

From Chopsocky over at Kung Fu Fandom

these are the features on king boxer

Feature Commentary by Film Scholars David Chute
Elvis Mitchell, and Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino
Interview with Director Chang-Hwa Jeong
Interview with Director Lau Kar Weung
Interview with Film Scholars David Chute and Andy Klein
Commentator Biographies
Poster/Stills Gallery
Trailer Gallery

My young Auntie

Feature Commentary by Film Scholars David Chute and Andy Klein
Interview with Star Kara Hui Ying Hung
Interview with Film Scholars David Chute and Andy Klein
Commentator Biographies
Poster/Stills Gallery
Trailer Gallery

One armed swordsman

Feature Commentary with Film Scholars David Chute, Andy Klein and Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino
Interview with Star Jimmy Wang Yu
Interview with Film Scholars David Chute and Andy Klein
The Master: Cheng Cheh
Commentator Biographies
Posters/Still Gallery
Trailer Gallery

Feature Commentary by Film Scholar Andy Klein and the RZA
Interview with Star Gordon Liu
"Shaolin: A Hero Birthplace"
Interview with Film Scholars David Chute and Andy Klein
Commentator Biographies
Posters/Stills Gallery
Trailer Gallery
US Promotional Trailer
Music Video for Wu-Tang Clan's "Gravel Pit"


Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck DVD Preview

Here is the upcoming info on this new true crime film from Lionsgate. Thanks to Matt from Specops for the press release and cover info. We also plan to have a trailer up soon.


Street Date: 6/5/07

Order Date: 5/9/07
DVD SRP: $26.98

On July 14th, 1966, Richard Speck broke into a South Chicago townhouse and took 9 student nurses hostage. There he methodically beat, raped, and stabbed the young women to death in one of the bloodiest mass murders in American history. Brought to life by television’s Corin Nemec and a celebrated horror cast including, Andrew Divoff, Tony Todd and Scream Queen Debbie Rochon, this terrifying thriller is a must-see for every fan of true-crime.


· Audio Commentary Featuring Director Michael Feifer and Actor Corin Nemec

· Stills gallery


Corin Nemec

TV’s “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose,” TV’s “Stargate SG-1,” TV’s “Stephen King’s The Stand”

Andrew Divoff

Wishmaster, Air Force One, Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies, TV’s “Lost”

Tony Todd

Candyman, Final Destination, Night of the Living Dead, The Rock

Debbie Rochon

Terror Firmer, Tromeo and Juliet, famed Fangoria radio hostess


Year of Production: 2007
Title Copyright: © 2007 North American Entertainment Inc, All Rights Reserved.
Type: Home Entertainment Premiere
Rating: R for disturbing sadistic violence including rape, terror, sexuality, language and some drug content
Genre: Horror
Closed Captioned: English Closed Captioned
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Format: Widescreen
Feature Running Time: 91 minutes
DVD Audio Status: 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo


Circle of Iron screencaps

Here our screencaps for Blue Underground's new 2-disc special edition of Circle of Iron. Thanks to Specops.

Expect a full review in the next couple of days.


MMA Consortium Plan to Make Waves in UFC Monopoly

Calls on MMA Legends to Lead Way

On June 2, 2007 the MMA cartel of K1, Bodog, EliteXC, Cage Rage and Spirit MC will hold a colossal fight card in California at the storied Los Angeles Coliseum.

This event will mark the first time K1 Dynamite, the mixed martial arts wing of FEG’s K1 promotion, has attempted to make inroads into the UFC dominated North American market. K1 Dynamite has built a massive fan base in Asia with their extravagant production values and a roster filled with names like Sakuraba, Yamamoto, Gracie and Hong Man-Choi. FEG hopes that their efforts within Asia will translate into a favorable reception by “hardcore” and casual MMA fans alike when they break ground in the United States.

Although FEG has built the K1 brand into a juggernaut promotion in Oceania, Asia and many other countries many industry observers feel the K1 Dynamite secret to success will not transfer over to North America. Anyone who has witnessed a K1 Dynamite event can attest that the organization uses a “bizarre mix” of freak matches, challenge matches and Broadway showmanship to fill out each fight card. Many North American MMA fans have a hard time accepting this “bizarre mix” as it makes the sport resemble professional wrestling, something which the sport has been trying to distance itself from since its North American inception. FEG hopes that the entertainment value they offer will bring a record number of fans to this event despite what most people see as a lack of marketing on the side of FEG.

When it comes to marketing FEG has taken a “build it and they will come” approach to their first show on U.S. soil. Clearly FEG hopes that the big name athletes they have brought to the table will transfer into big attendance numbers and pay per view buys. Not until recently has this co-op of MMA promotional organizations begun to heavily promote this event, but with just over two weeks to the event it may be a case of too little too late. Only time will tell if this strategy is the best approach to be taken when attempting to attract North American MMA fans. MMA fans on this continent are used to being the victim of an all out media bombardment before each monthly UFC event and that is from a brand that people recognize, will the response be the same for a company that is fairly unknown to the casual fan ? One thing is for sure, you can not underestimate the drawing power of a company that once attracted over 90,000 MMA fans to ONE EVENT!

K1 Banks On Big Names from the Past for Future Success

K1 Dynamite has scheduled a long overdue rematch between two MMA legends to highlight their June 2nd card. Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba will again do battle in a repeat match of their epic Pride 2000 Grand Prix war. Sakuraba defeated Gracie in the first match when, after 90 minutes, Royce was forced to throw in the towel. Gracie has stated in many interviews leading up to the June 2nd fight that it is not personal and he is not looking for revenge. That being said, one has to think that Royce will be looking to restore his family name when he enters the ring to face “The Gracie Hunter” Sakuraba.

The rest of the card, which is really three MMA events in one, will be rounded out with solid bouts between current MMA / K1 stars, professional wrestling superstars and former professional athletes. This show will be one of the biggest MMA spectacles North American fans have seen to date.

The fight card will be broken down is greater detail as we get closer to June 2nd. The following is the current tentative fight card.

Prelim Fights (Will not air on Showtime or PPV)

Gesias “JZ” Calvancanti vs. Nam Phan
Hideo Tokoro vs. Brad “One Punch” Pickett
Javier Vasquez vs. Katsuhiko Nagata

Fights that will air on Showtime from 9:00pm – 10:00 pm EST

Jake Shields vs. Ido Pariente
Gina Carano vs. Jan Finney
Antonio Silva vs. Jonathan Wiezorak

Fights that will air on pay per view from 10:00pm – 1:00am EST

Brock Lesnar vs. Hang Man-Choi
Royce Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba (Pending Sakuraba’s medical clearance)
Melvin Manhoef vs. Yoon Dong Sik
Ray Sefo vs. Marvin Eastman
Mighty Mo Siliga vs. Choi Mu Bae
Johnnie Morton vs. Bernard Ackah

Suggested pay per view price is $34.95


Meet our newest writter: Mike Squier


Name : Mike Squier
Age : 28
Profession : Marketing

I am a life long boxing fan and I have been a fan of K1 and MMA since I watched my first event some fifteen years ago. I have trained in everything from boxing to Jiu Jitsu and I continue to lace up the mitts every chance I get.

I hope to bring clear and concise K1 news to the site which will help the readers of the page stay up to date with the happenings of this great organization. Thank you very much and I look forward to bringing you more exciting K1 news

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Duel with the Devil Screencaps

Thanks to Laura and Fusian

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fight for the Agreement Screencaps

Thanks to Laura and Fusian. Looks like another solid release.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

First Dragon Drynasty Shaw Brothers Covers Displayed!

Thanks to LorenzoL at the DVD Talk Forums for posting these covers. Both DVDs are scheduled to come out in June.