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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Vengeance Video, Soulblade and Dragon (UK Compaines) Upcoming DVDs

These are a couple of the upcoming DVDs from across the pond in the UK from Vengence Video, Soulbade and Dragon Video. It should be noted that these DVDs are always PAL standard, although most are not region coded (although most Soulblade DVDs are). Thanks to Toby Russell, ChanWeiMan, and the RKFM crew for this update. Vengeance is also on the web now and can be found at A link can also be found at our link bar.

Vengeance Video Releases

10 Magnificent Killers-Widescreen, Mandarin with English subs

A Life of A Ninja - Vengeance Video
English Dub, Mandarin with English Subs

Bruce Against Iron Hand - Vengeance Video
aka: Bruce And The Iron Finger
Fullscreen, English Dub

Soulblade Releases

Across The River - Soulblade

Monkey War - Soulblade

Dragon Video Releases

Ninja Condors - Dragon Video

Ninja Kids - Dragon Video

Super Ninja- Dragon Video

8 Diagram Cudgel Fighter - Dragon Video


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Unknown said...

i would like to see moe sb vids in the future