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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Jack Stiller and Red Sun DVD knows no shame!

Jack Stiller aka FarEastPirate issued this statement on Kung Fu Fandom general interest section. ( It seems as if he feels he is above the law. He also included articles to claim that because priacy is so rampant that he is unstoppable. I doubt however if the IRS would be happy with the fact that he more than likely (no proof just opinionh here) hasn't declared taxes on the over 10,000 USD he must make per MONTH from his ebay store ( is his ebay nick). So what will happen next?

In NYC its only a misdemeanor to sell pirated films it has the most Lax laws concerning pirating films.

Also they have their hands so full with Sidewalks of NYC crawling with Movie theater Bootlegs. The MPAA is only interested in the 7 major motion picture studios and new films.

And to bust someone they need to buy an enormous amount of DVD's to make the bust. And they need alot of evidence to do that.

this is not a Europe Fascist regme . its a free country were people have to much rights.


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