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Thursday, March 8, 2007

UK Shaw Dub All Stars: New Shaw Dubs May Have Been Found and More!

Big thanks out to a whole bevy of KFF fandom posters (if I miss anyone email me):Tigerstyles, Monkey King, Ninja Sinai, Kermit, and Linn.

Now if you hate English dubs (and that's cool) just skip this post. You'll find something good today, I promise.

Recently Shaw Brothers films have started playing on the pay UK Gold TV service in the United Kingdom. Now this in itself is nothing extraordinary, or that 36th Chamber of Shaolin played with an English dub track. What is extraordinary is that the dub track was apparently remastered and sounded better then a recent Image release of Legendary Weapons of China which apparently had hiss and noise present on it. Image apparently didn't have any option to have remastered English language audio tracks, which makes one wonder who decided to do this. Now it is entirely possible that Celesital has decided to do this to increase the marketability, but it should be noted that 36th Chamber of Shaolin is owned by Dragon Dynasty, which means we will not only be getting old school English dubs, but maybe ones cleaned up and in mono, which will make listening to them an entirely new experience.

The second and even better part of this story is that in response to an email to UK Gold, a poster was told that all films would be dubbed in English (which I know must be pissing someone off, but like I said just ignore this update) and would be a entire film series of Shaw films. Two of the know titles would be KILLER CLANS and SPIRITUAL BOXER. While a dub apparently exists for Spiritual Boxer in the Library of Congress and most likely with Celestial, Killer Clans was never th0ught to be dubbed (and no proof has surfaced previously). Now there is a chance that this a new dub similar to one that appeared on the Australian Siren releases so until we have confirmation we shouldn't go completely nuts, but we will not in the next couple of days when Killer Clans airs this Friday in the United Kingdom. Still this could be a very good Shaw Brothers weekend for dub fans!

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coyoteblue said...

Dubs don't piss us off. English Dub only pisses us off. Choice is good. Make everyone happy.