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Sunday, March 4, 2007

King of Kings DVD Review and Screencaps (Fusian DVD)

Here is a review I did earlier for Fusian Films recent release of Joseph Kuo's King of Kings.

Nope, this isnt the rumored Kung Fu movie with Roy Horan as Jesus fghting the Shaolin Temple with John The Baptist and Judas, BUT it is a rare early Joesph Kuo film just check the director credits :). Now the sound is fine a little muffly at times, but more than adaquete and actually pretty clear and his free. The print is battered and worn, but the colors are quite good and vibrant (so it mitagates print damage). Its not the quality of MB's 7 Gradmasters, but, along the line of Image's Fearless Fighters and better than most things print wise from rarescope. The encoding is EXCELLENT no pixels or such. Just a nice job. The subs are great too and must have been originally translated by someone with a PHD, these are PERFEECT and quite easy to read. Has a unique remastering demo that plays the films side by side with the unrestored version. Now I'll add comments on the movie later when I get a chance to watch it more closely, but I have to say it has some nice cinematogprahy and simply put if your even a slight Joesph Kuo fan for the 6 bucks this will cost you from DDD its a no brainer. Easy Buy. Don't expect Celestial quality, but now you don't have to expect Video Asia Quality. I'll add more caps of the other titles when I can.


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