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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SCARLET: THE FILM MAGAZINE #4-- magazine review by porfle

After reading the latest issue of SCARLET: THE FILM MAGAZINE (number 4--Autumn 2009), I have to tell you--it's pretty gay.

Not that there's anything wrong with fact, the self-described "Queer Horror" issue yields a good deal of interesting reading material regarding "the horror that dare not speak its name." Which, of course, has been a major part of Hollywood, on both sides of the camera, since movies began.

Just in case the cover pic of Ernest Theisiger's "Dr. Pretorius" leering at us through a giant "Q" isn't enough of a giveaway, a glance at the table of contents reveals much emphasis on the gay perspective. Harry H. Long's cover story "Wicked Uncle Ernie" is a fascinating look at the memorably campy thespian described as "the quirkiest genre character actor on and off the screen", whose exquisitely droll presence added zing to such films as BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE OLD DARK HOUSE, and THE GHOUL.

Ken Hanke weighs in with his take on the Frederic March classic "Death Takes a Holiday", exploring not only why he has come to perceive the film as "brimming with gay subtext" but also going into detail about how an individual might "read" a particular film under various circumstances. Pam Keesey's "Vampyros Lesbos" is an erotic tribute to the 1971 Jess Franco film that was released during what has been called the "Golden Age of the Lesbian Vampire."

Scream King? Horror Himbo? Actor-producer-director Joe Zaso (his fans might add "hottie" to that list of hyphens) chats with Bob Gutowski in "Joe Zaso Bares All", a title which also describes the beefcake photos accompanying the interview. Two upcoming gay-oriented horror films that look like they'd be worth checking out are highlighted in Sean Abley's "The Making of 'Socket', about a couple of guys whose sexual activities may be a little too shocking for their own good, and Earl Roesel's interview with writer-producer Joe Moe about his upcoming slasher romp "Red Velvet", which stars Henry Thomas.

As it turns out, the giant "Q" on the cover might also refer to this issue's tribute to the memory of the late Robert "Count Yorga" Quarry, which his fans won't want to miss. A mini-biography by Kevin G. Shinnick is followed by Tim Sullivan's "My Dinner With Yorga", in which the venerable horror icon takes a fond look back at his most memorable character.

In addition to all of this, SCARLET THE FILM MAGAZINE #4 is jam-packed with detailed reviews of the latest books, films, and DVDs (many of them continuing the issue's gay theme) and other goodies. All in all, it's well worth getting your hands on a copy regardless of whether you're gay, straight, or "other."

Order now for $8.95 (no postage necessary in the continental US, all others please add proper postage) with a check or money order made out to SCARLET and mailed to:
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