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Friday, February 19, 2010

MyDamnChannel Presents "The Iceman Chronicles"

"Like 'Twin Peaks,' with more murder."

Vampires aren’t real, but serial killers are. Follow “The Iceman Chronicles” on MyDamnChannel to experience the comedic chiller you’ve been waiting for. In true “Twin Peaks” style, “The Iceman Chronicles” documents the life of small town veterinarian Russel Coldpalm as he strives to uncover the mystery of a local serial killer, The Iceman.

In Episode #1, a shadowy figure eliminates his accomplice, drawing the town coroner/veterinarian, Russell Coldpalm, into a baffling murder investigation.

Brought to you by Drama 3/4, the same team behind the “Breaking Bad” minisodes and “Burn Notice” shorts, “The Iceman Chronicles” is the first in a series of acquisitions and co-productions between 15 Gigs and MyDamnChannel that brings more quality, original content to the web. Expect more from the partnership in the coming months.

Watch the trailer here.

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