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Friday, February 26, 2010

ONG BAK: THE THAI WARRIOR and ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNING -- Blu-Ray reviews by Ian Friedman

ONG BAK: THE THAI WARRIOR and ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNING have recently made their debut on Blu-ray courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Magnolia Films. The two movies themselves are as different as night and day.

ONG BAK is a modern film set in Thailand, while ONG BAK 2 is set during the Middle Ages in Thailand. ONG BAK 2 is like a melting pot of martial arts with Tony Jaa fighting people using various different martial styles in a historical epic situation (such as Drunken Boxing, MMA, and others).

Both are great films featuring innovative action scenes that constantly leave the audience needing to pick their jaws up off the ground. The drastic changes in settings with the two films helps to give the viewer a variety in choosing what they want to watch (a gritty modern film or a historical epic).

Both films receive excellent 1080p High Definition transfers with great picture quality and also excellent audio in both Thai and English. ONG BAK has a short making of on the DVD, while ONG BAK 2 has substantially more behind-the-scenes features.

If you are even the slightest fan of martial arts then you should immediately pick up these two great martial arts films, with excellent picture and sound and extras.


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