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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"ATTACK OF THE KILLER SHREWS" Parodies the Original 1959 Low-Budget Classic!

White Lion Studios, LLC has done a 'splat-stick' parody of the 1959 cult classic "The Killer Shrews", and it's dreadful!

A scientist working on a cure for rabies creates giant Killer Shrews. Once unleashed on the town the only thing that can save the world is a rag-tag bunch led by a wonky sheriff, his deputy/cousin, a B Movie scream queen, and an octogenarian with a shotgun.

It's a remake that stays true to the original with mop-wearing dogs and terrible puppets mowing down a cast of B-movie stereotypes. This award winning film was featured in Scream Magazine in which White Lion Studios were credited as making a film that "wallows gleefully in its low, low budget."

For more info on the film and where to see it, visit the official website HERE.

Read our review of the original classic HERE.

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