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Monday, October 9, 2017

BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE -- Movie Review by Porfle

According to the description, BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE (2017) is about a woman who turns into a "hideous frog monster"--a werefrog, if you will--and "wreaks havoc on her family and town."

I've always loved werewolf movies, so something with a bit of werefroggery in it already has an advantage. (According to WEREWOLF OF LONDON, "werewolfery" is a proper term, so I figure "werefroggery" should be, too.)
Anyway, if this description doesn't immediately sort out who's going to be interested in this movie and who isn't, then I don't know what would. It also helps if you liked the more garishly gory, tongue-in-cheek horrors of the 80s, because this one is aces at replicating the fun and appealing atmosphere of that era in horror.

Mary Malloy is excellent in the role of Victoria, a troubled teen with an overbearing stepfather, a milquetoast mom, and a bratty stepbrother.  She sneaks out of the house one night with a girlfriend, just in time for the friend to be ripped to pieces by--you guessed it--a werefrog. 

And just as in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, our wounded heroine survives the attack that killed her friend but becomes a monster herself when the full moon rises. 

There's a subplot about a scientist (Vikas Adam) working on a cure for the amphibious malady from the back of a Texaco station, which he runs to finance his work.  He's able to come up with a temporary cure which he gives Victoria, but her stupid stepdad thinks it's some kind of drug and smashes it. Bad move, comically stereotypical stepdad!

Skipping to the good stuff: the full moon rises and Victoria indeed painfully morphs into a hulking, slime-oozing frog monster complete with some nifty special makeup appliances and a terrific, old-fashioned creature suit. 

She goes on a murderous rampage that's well-splattered with even more great practical FX (with barely any CGI in sight, if any) and done with the kind of humor that's made more effective by being played utterly straight.

A finale in the back-room laboratory of the Texaco station involves a crazy private detective, Paul (Troy Halverson), initially hired by Victoria's parents but now on his own insane quest to eliminate the frog menace. 

With all three characters (including the werefrog) going at it in a free-for-all of gore, goo, and freaky plot twists, there's plenty of fun to be had for one and all until the ironic fadeout.

Tim Reis makes an impressive feature writing/directing debut, handling things with a nice visual flair that's colorful and flamboyant (I was reminded of CREEPSHOW minus the comic book trappings, as well as RE-ANIMATOR due to the film's unabashed outrageousness).

Performances are fine, particularly a heartfelt turn by Mary Malloy in the lead.  Again, the above-average makeup effects add to the visual ambience to give the film a welcome 80s feel. 

BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE isn't on the same level as the other films mentioned due to its lesser budget and scale, but if you liked them, chances are this one will have you all giddy with delight as well. It definitely takes "werefroggery" to a whole new level.

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Limited Theatrical and On Demand 10-13-17

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