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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Death Comes for "THE BLESSED ONES" on DVD July 11th

"THE BLESSED ONES" Have Been Chosen for July 11th

Patrick O'Bell's Latest Thriller Comes to VOD and DVD

Available Nationwide from Wild Eye Releasing

New York, NY - Wild Eye Releasing has set The Blessed Ones free on a deadly flight across the desert. 

Writer-director Patrick O'Bell latest feature follows escaped followers of a maniacal cult leader who must survive the unforgiving terrain and the enforcers dispatched to bring them back by any means necessary for a Heaven's Gate-style suicide pact. 

Dave Vescio (Wolf Mother, Hell Ranch), Andy Gates (Garden Party Massacre, Niagra), and Tamzin Brown (The Adderall Diaries, The Institute) headline the thriller, which will be available nationwide July 11th on DVD and  Cable VOD.

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An isolated cult hiding in a desert enclave prepare for an prophesied apocalypse, led by a charismatic Jim Jones-like leader. As the end of the world allegedly approaches, he binds them all to a suicide pact, in hopes of transcending earth for a new life in paradise.

Two dissenters flee through the vast desert wasteland on the eve of the ceremony, hunted by the cult's enforcer - who will stop at nothing to insure that they keep their part of the bargain. 

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