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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Qube Cinema Unveils Groundbreaking ‘QUBE WIRE’ System at AFM

Qube Cinema Unveils Groundbreaking ‘QUBE WIRE’ System at AFM

Web-based Key Management and Content Delivery System Aims to Simplify the Distribution of Movies

AMERICAN FILM MARKET: LOS ANGELES, (November 5, 2016) – Qube Cinema, the leading manufacturer and provider of end-to-end digital cinema technology, has today announced the international roll-out of ‘Qube Wire’; an online digital cinema distribution service that aims to eliminate the outdated process of physical Digital Cinema Package (DCP) transportation. Targeted at the international filmmaking community, Qube Wire offers users a highly-secure, patent-pending service to issue KDMs and digitally transport DCPs to theatres globally, having completed a highly successful beta-testing phase in India this year. Now in its initial launch, the service offers a simple and secure online way of issuing KDMs to cinemas worldwide. This will be followed by a commercial launch in Q1 2017 that will enable the global distribution of DCPs with a unique approach to last mile delivery.

Qube Wire aims to revolutionize the relationship between producers and distributors, offering filmmakers online access to over 120,000 screens around the world that are reachable via the platform, built through partnerships with key international digital cinema companies. The database and KDM assignment functionality is now available to industry as part of its international launch plans.

Through a highly secure web interface with an award-winning security design using Thales Hardware Security Modules [HSMs], the new platform offers unmatched protection, and allows filmmakers to quickly generate as many Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) as required for their encrypted Digital Cinema Package (DCPs). Other patent-pending features already rolled-out include the ability to assign movie rights to specific territories and enforce multi-level approvals for KDM requests.

Now debuting to an international market, Qube Wire previously underwent a local testing phase in India, having successfully issued a trial on the record-breaking Indian film, Kabali earlier this year. Using Qube Wire software, the film issued over 18,000 KDMs worldwide in over 3,500 screens across 2,400 sites.

Senthil Kumar and Jayendra Panchapakesan, Co-Founders of Qube Cinema said of the new offering: “Following the success of the Qube Wire testing phase in India, we are thrilled that we’re finally able to unveil our offering on an international scale. Our comprehensive database and highly-secure web offering will be invaluable for global content owners, independent filmmakers, distributors and people involved in post-production, who will no longer have to search for server certificates or physically transport DCP’s globally – giving them the power to navigate their own distribution methods with ease."

To sign-up for the Qube Wire service, visit:

About Qube Cinema:

Qube Cinema is a leading international manufacturer and provider of end-to-end digital cinema technology and mastering solutions. Qube Cinema draws on decades of experience in cinema and provides a seamless digital environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and post-production companies with DCI-compliant products that are flexible, reliable and highly cost-effective.

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About Qube Wire:

Qube Wire is a path-breaking online digital cinema key management and distribution service from Qube Cinema, Inc. – a pioneer of end-to-end digital cinema and mastering solutions.

Revolutionizing relationships between producers and distributors and aiming to eliminate the outdated process of physically transporting DCP’s globally, Qube Wire offers filmmakers access to over 120,000 screens around the world, built through partnerships with key digital cinema companies. Efficiently allowing users to manage content through a secure web interface, the patent-pending technology centrally manages data flow to ensure quick, cost-effective delivery of content; removes pain points of KDM management and DCP duplication; assigns movie rights to territories globally; and enforces multi-level approvals for KDM requests.

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