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Monday, November 21, 2016

Film Roman and Boxel Studios Team Up in Film Roman Baja


The Baja-located studio will service all of Film Roman's productions and will be available for hire on other productions

(Los Angeles, CA November 21, 2016) – Film Roman announced today that it has entered into a joint venture with Boxel Studios, a leading Baja California based animation facility, to create Film Roman Baja J.V. “The venture’s driving purpose is to execute high-quality, cost-effective animated properties across a broad spectrum of platforms; including features, television and new media productions,” said Film Roman CEO Steve Waterman.

Film Roman Baja is strategically located just south of San Diego in Tijuana, Mexico, providing easy daily access from Los Angeles. This next door neighbor location enables top U.S. based creatives to stay involved “on premises” in the day-to-day production, interacting with the Mexico-based creative team. Moreover, Film Roman Baja provides a streamlined facility with exceptionally well-qualified creative and technical staff.

Film Roman Baja is fully operational and is a full service animation and visual effects studio that specializes in both traditional and 3D animation. Major current client productions include Mattel, Inc’s popular animated television show “MAX STEEL.”

Boxel co-founder and creative director Uriel Reyes Botello and co-founder and director Andres Reyes Botello are overseeing day-to-day operations with Film Roman CEO Steve Waterman and founder Phil Roman providing senior management and oversight to the Baja studio.

“Having worked with Boxel on the feature El Americano, I saw firsthand the quality and energy of their animation. It is their passion and love of animation that our Baja animators bring to our projects that will help us compete in the world market,” said Mr. Roman.

“Film Roman Baja is part of a renaissance of international companies that are investing in and bringing business to this region and utilizing the experienced talent we have down here. Our animators and technical personnel are some of the best in the entire country and have come here from all over Mexico and other countries in the region as well,” said Botello.

About Film Roman
Film Roman is the legendary animation studio responsible for producing The Simpsons, King of The Hill, Family Guy, Tom & Jerry - The Movie and Ultimate Spider-Man. The company was recently acquired by Waterman Entertainment, Inc., the producing force behind the Stuart Little and Alvin & The Chipmunks franchises along with other memorable children’s motion pictures and family entertainment television. The combined entity is reinvigorating and expanding the venerable Film Roman brand, focused on owning intellectual property and moving the Company into features, emerging markets, media and technologies by building a truly international family media company for the 21st century.

About Boxel Studios
A professional and experienced Mexican animation studio, specializing in high-end solutions for the visual content creation industry. Boxel dates back to the late 90’s and today the team has doubled in size. With that experience, Boxel understand the importance of production values behind every project; therefore, we focus our creative energies on visual and technical quality in each product, with a clear understanding of the industry under highly efficient production process.


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