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Friday, June 3, 2016

SNOWBEAST (1977) -- Mini-Review by Porfle

A ski resort celebrating its big Snow Queen festival or whatever is plagued by a sudden rash of Bigfoot attacks in SNOWBEAST (1977).  

This slapdash made-for-TV borefest is pretty much a snowbound JAWS rip-off. 

Good for some laughs, mainly when Snowbeast attacks the Snow Queen celebration and causes a stampede during which the venerable Sylvia Sydney appears to actually get knocked on her ass by an overzealous extra and the Snow Queen's mother gets eaten while sitting in her truck. 

Other than that, lots of skiing and monster-POV shots with the occassional glimpse of a guy in a white furry Yeti suit.

Robert "The Wilderness Family" Logan and Yvette Mimieux are also on hand, as is big Clint Walker as the sheriff, but Bo Svenson as "Gar Seberg" adds the most entertainment value with several close-ups of his various emotions. 

Best of these is the "Happy Bo Svenson" face, which DVD viewers can freeze-frame at will and gaze upon for long periods of time while chanting "Happy Bo Svenson!" over and over.


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