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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Penn Jillette Urges People to Support Tiny Tim Stage Musical


The Magician Describes To The World Why Tiny Tim Is So Important To Him

June 3rd 2016, NYC, NY – The team behind the Kickstarter project 'TINY - A New Musical Based On The Life Of Tiny Tim' released a video today of Penn Jillette talking about his hero.

In the video, Penn shows us around his backstage dressing room where a photo of the iconic ukulele-strumming musician hangs proudly next to pictures of Penn's children.

"[Tiny Tim] is the antithesis of all that is cynical in American culture," Penn Jillette explains.  "All the people who had reason to be cynical - Lenny Bruce, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Johnny Carson, Bing Crosby, Howard Stern - they all melted in front of Tiny Tim. Bob Dylan seemed to think he was the only real person that Bob Dylan ever met. Bob Dylan met a lot of people."

"I think there's a lot of art to do about Tiny Tim... A musical seems perfect."

Tiny Tim's ukulele, just a part of Penn Jillette's collection of Tiny memorabilia. Photo by Carl Smith, courtesy of Dan Bowen.

Penn then goes on to talk about the Kickstarter project, where two talented writers have teamed up with music producer and artist Richard Barone and writer / independent filmmaker Justin Martell - who wrote the critically acclaimed Tiny Tim biography "Eternal Troubadour" - to create a stage musical called 'TINY,' based on Tiny Tim's life and love of American popular song.

"I sure hope they get the money. The rewards they're giving for putting some money in - playbills, tickets to the musical itself, all that other memorabilia - seem pretty important and pretty good. I'm hoping to be getting involved as much as I can."

Tiny's iconic suit, also a part of Penn Jillette's collection. Photo by Carl Smith, courtesy of Dan Bowen.

You can view the Penn Jillette video here.

'TINY' is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. You can check out the page here.
You can also follow the Facebook page here.
And the Twitter page here @godblesstinytim.


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