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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rooster Teeth Announces "Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy" Limited Edition SteelBook


First ever 'Red vs. Blue' SteelBook® collects Seasons 11 - 13
of longest running web series in history

Austin, TX - Friday, April 22, 2016 - As fans prepare for the online premiere of Red vs. Blue: Season 14 this summer, Rooster Teeth and Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) are excited to announce a first for the longest-running web series in history. "The Chorus Trilogy" story arc, otherwise known as Red vs. Blue: Seasons 11- 13, will be re-released as a new Blu-ray set in a limited edition, collectible Blu-ray SteelBook® on June 28th.

For this first-ever Red vs. BlueSteelBook® release, the Rooster Teeth Animation creative team worked closely with Scanavo's design team to produce the amazing new artwork featured on the SteelBook® cover and interior.

"We're ecstatic not only to collect the entire Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy into one set, but for RvB to be Rooster Teeth's very first SteelBook release! We love the case's art design and hope the fans will be as proud as us to have such a cool edition on their shelves," said Gray G. Haddock, Head of Rooster Teeth Animation.

"Scanavo believes in injecting an element of fun into our work, a philosophy that is shared by the incredibly talented team at Rooster Teeth.  As a result, we've been able to produce an innovative SteelBook® that will surprise, delight, and hopefully bring some magic to the unboxing experience," said SteelBook® Division Senior Creative Marcin Pogorzelski of Scanavo North America.

Synopsis: Once again the misfits from Blood Gulch find themselves stuck in the most worthless piece of real estate in the galaxy, or so they think.  When dark forces begin to align against them, they suddenly realize that there's a lot more at stake than just being rescued. Stranded on the planet Chorus, the Reds and Blues must convince two enemy armies to join forces or suffer complete annihilation at the hands of a bloodthirsty warlord. "The Chorus Trilogy" (Red vs. Blue: Seasons 11 - 13) is as hilarious as it is thrilling. Between deadly mercenaries, alien artifacts and old rivalries, our hapless heroes are in for the fight of their lives in the longest running sci-fi/comedy series in American history.

Territory:        US & Canada     Format:      Blu-Ray
Language:      English              Color:         Yes
Widescreen:   Yes                    Length:       360 min          
Year:                2016                 Rating:        NR
Genre:             Action/Comedy

About Rooster Teeth
Rooster Teeth is a pioneering studio responsible for some of the biggest online series in history, such as the award-winning and longest-running web series, "Red vs. Blue." Rooster Teeth also produces the globally acclaimed animated series "RWBY," the first western anime series to be distributed in Japan, the award-winning "Rooster Teeth Podcast," and "Immersion," a reality format that brings video game theory to the real world. With a massive global footprint of more than 25 million subscribers to its YouTube Network, 3 million unique monthly visitors to its hub and 1.8 million registered community members, Rooster Teeth was founded by Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns, Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, and Joel Heyman in 2003, and is now a subsidiary of Fullscreen, Inc., a global youth media company that develops online creators and produces multi-platform entertainment experiences. Discover more at

About Cinedigm
Cinedigm is the leading independent content distributor in the United States, with direct relationships with over 60,000 physical and digital retailers, including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon.  The company's library of over 32,000 titles and episodes encompasses award-winning documentaries from Docurama Films®, next-gen Indies from Flatiron Film Company®, acclaimed independent films and festival picks through partnerships with the Sundance Institute and Tribeca Films and a wide range of content from brand name suppliers, including National Geographic, Discovery, Scholastic, WWE, NFL, Shout Factory, Hallmark, Jim Henson and more.  Cinedigm proudly distributes numerous Oscar®-nominated films, including The Invisible War, Hell and Back Again, GasLand, Waste Land and Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory; current and upcoming theatrical releases include Destin Daniel Cretton's highly acclaimed Short Term 12,  Godfrey Reggio's Visitors, Penny Lane's Our Nixon and Shaul Schwarz's Narco Cultura.

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