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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"KUNG FU BROTHER" Now on VOD In Demand and Streaming

KUNG-FU BROTHER is an action packed, comedy thriller that profiles the mysterious complexities of ancestral Japanese assassins. The story follows a series of bizarre murders occurring in the pursuit to acquire the Kuji Denjo Scrolls. These sacred scrolls are part of a legacy of an ancient civilization known as the Weirding Clan.

Shot entirely on location in Thailand and the Philippines, KUNG-FU BROTHER is flavored with multi-racial characters who come together in the common pursuit of a murderer on a deadly mission to acquire the sacred scrolls.  Three cops and a no-nonsense female reporter find themselves bound by distrust, suspicion, love, hate….and a pair of handcuffs.  A strange romance unfolds among an array of murders, a lush setting and a psychological jolt.

Bey Logan, Producer, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny’ calls KUNG-FU BROTHER a “Fast, fun Kung Fu comedy by one of the true unsung heroes of the genre.  (writer/director) Marcus gave new meaning to the phrase ‘by any means necessary’ when he stretched his shoestring budget to two countries and 90 minutes, and then used it to tie the bow on a martial arts mini-masterpiece. Don’t miss it!”  World famous actor/director/producer and martial arts expert Jackie Chan echoed the same sentiments after seeing the film at a special screening.

KUNG-FU BROTHER premiered at the Action On Film International Film Festival where it took home the Action Film of the Year Award and won Runner Up for the Best Director Award.The film stars James Huang, Rona Lee Par, Ron Hall, Fred Ochs and Michael Wilson. 

Writer/Director Marcus Aurelius taps into the soul of independent films, highlighting the issue of diversity – at times, the lack thereof - in Hollywood.  “I've been able to gain a foothold in shedding light on the lack of diversity in the film industry, simply by creating my own opportunity,” Aurelius offers. “You think diversity in Hollywood is tough? Try producing a small urban indie film in two different countries with two different languages!”  

Aurelius is currently tapped by Joseph Collins to write, produce and direct 13 episodes of an action/horror/comedy TV series to be shot entirely in Thailand and the Philippines again.  Principle photography is set to begin this fall, with a 2017 delivery for the Punch TV Network.

KUNG-FU BROTHER is currently playing on DirectTV, In Demand, Dish TV, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and Hoopla, iTunes, Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox.

Watch the Trailer here:
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