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Friday, April 16, 2010

Super-Sculptor Mike Hill Does It Again!

We've told you about master sculptor Mike Hill and his incredibly lifelike silicone sculptures which are based upon popular figures in classic horror, comics, etc. (Click here to read our original article, which includes some great pics and biographical info.)

This time, Mike has brought The Wolf Man and his alter ego, Larry Talbot, to life with these amazing life-size figures, recently on display at Monsterpalooza. You're not likely to see more exquisite work anywhere else.

That close-up view of the tormented Talbot fully conveys the inner turmoil Lon Chaney, Jr. was able to express so well. And Mike's rendering of The Wolf Man is simply awe-inspiring! Not only can you recognize Chaney beneath the "makeup", but ol' Wolfy has never looked more fang-tastically feral.

The creator himself with his latest creations. Mike's the one who's breathing.

As he reveals in this thread at the CHFB, Mike is currently at work on something that we're looking forward to with bated breath--a rendition of Oliver Reed's celebrated lycanthrope from Hammer's CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF, along with lovely co-star Yvonne Romain. Now that's something wolf waiting fur!

Mike's website

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