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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"METEOR" Crashes Onto DVD Sept. 1

The Fight To Save The Human Race From Annihilation Begins On DVD September 1st From Genius Products And RHI Entertainment
Featuring Earth Shattering Performances By Christopher Lloyd, Jason Alexander, Billy Campbell, Stacy Keach And Marla Sokoloff

SANTA MONICA, CA – Life, as it has existed for over 200,000 years, hangs in the balance as two massive rocks collide in space and head for Earth in METEOR, landing on DVD September 1st from Genius Products and RHI Entertainment.

In a remote observatory, a scientist discovers a meteor approximately three times the size of Mount Everest barreling its way towards the Earth, and alerts the military to avert the impending disaster. As showers of smaller meteorites begin to destroy major cities around the globe, local authorities try to calm the growing panic and herd the masses into safety shelters. The fate of millions rests in the hands of a few as the race against time to save the Planet from ultimate destruction begins.

Starring Emmy® winner Christopher Lloyd (“Taxi,” Back to the Future), Golden Globe® nominees Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”), Stacy Keach (“Prison Break”) and Billy Campbell (“Once and Again”), as well as Marla Sokoloff (“The Practice”), Ernie Hudson (Dragonball Evolution) and Michael Rooker (“Criminal Minds”), the two-part NBC mini-series, METEOR, features eye-popping special effects, explosive human drama, and hair-raising action and will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $19.95.
Following an unparalleled series of meteor fireballs plummeting toward Earth, a renowned scientist, his assistant, and an on-target conspiracy theorist race against time to expose a government cover-up, reveal the truth, and prevent a massive meteor from destroying the planet.

Price: $19.95
Street Date: September 1, 2009
Pre-book Date: July 21, 2009
Catalog Number: 1000839
Language: English 5.1
Running time:188 minutes
Rating: NR


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