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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Story of Prunella DVD Review by 42nd St Pete

Story of Prunella 1982 Directed by Phil Prince, Starring Geoge Payne, Ron Jeremy, Ambrosia Fox, Niko, Dennis Christopher & Cher Champagne. Part of the Avon 7 Collection from After Hours.

Where most of your 1980s adult film directors stroked your libido with a velvet glove, Phil Prince stoked it with a fist wrapped in barbed wire. Phil made the nastiest films in porn history. While his output of films was small as compared to his contemporaries, Phil’s brand of erotica was soul corroding.

Story of Prunella is a well crafted descent into psycho sadism thanks to the acting talents of George Payne. Early on , Payne turns a prostitute (Cheri Champagne) into a disciple. Payne and two other lowlifes escape from prison and are met by Cheri who forgot to bring an escape vehicle. Cheri plays dead to trick a motorist into stopping. The vehicle that does stop contains the warden’s wife and daughter.

They force the women to take them to a bridal shower planned for Prunella. The three men and the woman sexual abuse and torment all of the women for an extended period of time. Hot on the trail of the foursome is detective Paul (Ron Jeremy), Prunella’s husband to be. Some of this may be hard for a first time viewer to watch. If your not familiar with Avon’s product, this ride may be too rough for some viewers, but Avon wasn't meant for everyone.

Payne’s tour de force performance is completely unhinged. He virtually destroys Prunella’s mind with his brutal rape and the filth that he spews out at her during the degrading rape may appall some viewers. Prince, a lot of his detractors said, took it too far. This may have been adult films climatic moment, as no one today, except our friends in Europe, would have the balls to go where Phil did.

The DVD comes with a Phil Prince Documentary. The documentary was interesting, but it seems that no one really knows much about Phil and what happened to him. Bill Landis (of Sleaziod Express) claimed that he shot an associate and was put back in jail. This has been proven inaccurate. Just watching Phil in the documentary makes you realize he may be a little off. Sources have said that Phil admired the work of Andy Milligan and other low budget film makers and tried to emulate them. Phil wanted to make movies. In Prunella, he succeeded. The plot is decent, though you can see a Last House on the Left influence. The players could actually act, which made all the degradation that more believable. Off the women, none were raving beauties, which also added to the back alley ambiance and realism of Prunella. The men all looked the part of degenerate thugs. Anyone wandering into the Avon 7 back in the day, thinking this was your typical sit down and enjoy it kind of a film, quickly had their libido flatlined.

Of course, a lot of viewers flocked to these films. Men who reviled in the degradation of women, were repeat viewers. From a historical aspect, this was one of the films singled out by the dreaded Meese Commission as the "most vile and violent examples of mob controlled pornography". Poor George Payne was put in the uncomfortable position of having to testify before that commission.

This release is only the tip of the Avon 7/After Hours iceberg. Check out the trailers, all of them are coming soon. These are taken off original prints that made the rounds of the Avon Grindhouses back in the day.

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