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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle DVD Review by 42nd St Pete

Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle Starring Laura Gemser , Annie Belle, Al Cliver, and Gabriele Tinti. Directed by Bunello Rondi. Released by Severin Films.

Also known as Emmanuelle in Egypt, this rather obscure entry in the Black Emmanuelle series has Laura Gemser being called Laura, her real name. She is a world class model with an abusive photographer(real life husband, Tinti). He forces her to pose with a dead dog in the stinking desert. They go to mansion and meet some weird people, including a crazy holy man(Al Cliver).

Another trip to out in the desert finds some recently dead bodies. He wants Laura to pose with them. She does, but the short haired, Anne Belle, gets a little pissed off. Eventually so does Laura and is chased across the desert and raped by her photographer. The two are constantly telling each other to go fuck themselves or calling each other pieces of shit. Makes you wonder about their off screen relationship. Laura runs away with Anne for some fun after she balks at posing on a huge pile of camel dung.

This film is very strange. One of the classy white women gets drunk and is raped by two Arabs in the desert. She is found by Anne, who tells her she doesn’t need men. Some of the film is in English, some parts, obviously restored, are in Italian. Laura flips out at a party. The Holy Man seduces Anne, who says she is leaving with him. Then changes her mind and wanders away with Laura as they both get naked and ‘fini” scrawls across the screen.

A bit too confusing and contrived for me, but Laura looks great, naked, half naked, or fully clothed. That is the reason for getting this DVD, if you’re a Laura Gemser fan, you want it, actually you need it and that’s the bottom line.

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