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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brotherhood of Blood by 42nd St Pete

Brotherhood of Blood 2007 Ghosthouse Underground with Victoria Pratt, Ken Foree, and Sid Haig.

Billed as a combination of Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects with vampires, it falls flat on every level. Scenes shift back & forth from this day to that day to three days prior, excreta. If your going to tell a story, fuckin tell it without all this confusing jumping around.

Borrowing liberally from the plot of The Usual Suspects, we have the ultimate vampire, ala Kaiser Sosee; A guy even the other vampires fear. Seems years ago, vampires & humans banded together to stop him, according to the head vampire , played by Sid Haig in ill fitting fangs. Now he is back.

In this film vampires can be killed by shooting them. Like I said, with all the jumping around, it’s hard to follow. Sid & Ken Foree seem to be there for name value as this box harkens back to the direct to VHS days when a “name” was put on the box just to sell it. No knock on Sid or Ken as this is just the way of the business. Truth be told, Sid or Ken should be given meatier roles as they can carry a whole film by themselves.

The “ending” leaves this wide open for a sequel. I’ll pass.


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