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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little Shoppe of Horrors #21 Review

Little Shoppe of Horrors #21 by Ian Friedman

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to read for review the upcoming issue of Hammer Studios fan magazine LSOH. Its current issue is largely dedicated to an overview of the Hammer classic Curse of Frankenstein.

Usually when fans want to learn about the history of a particular they often will have to turn to a selection in a book about a film studio which at most can often only give 10-20 pages about the film. For fans of Curse of Frankenstein, the only thing they will need to look at is LSOH #21. This issue is an amazingly comprehensive look at the entire production of Curse of Frankenstein which leaves no stone unturned. In short this issue will be the definitive reference guide for researchers and fans wanting to learn about the movie. Its synthesizes from previous articles and interviews and new material to talk about the makeup, casting, scripting, critical reception, and just about everything you would ever want to know about the film and is the work of an exceptionally talented writing pool.

Still, the issue is not just about Curse of Frankenstein, but also has a very good article by Ted Newsom about the aborted show Tales of Frankenstein. Tales of Frankenstein has an interesting history with me, because I remember it being used in a VHS (2 Tape) compilation about the history of Frankenstein complete with trailers (it is where I first saw Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster). I have to wonder if Ted worked on the production of that tape set.

Little Shoppe of Horrors is a must buy for any serious fan or student of the classic Curse of Frankenstein and also those interested in Tales of Frankenstein. This is not to imply that magazine is not also filled with excellent articles and a feature interview with the late director Terrance Fisher.

You can get the latest issue at and I suggest you do so immediately!


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