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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wild China DVD Review

Wild China

Just in time for the Beijing Olympics the BBC and Warner Brothers have released a fantastic look at the beauty and splendor of China in such detail, that few have been able to enjoy.

Video: This review is only for the DVD version (if you have Blu-ray, just buy that). Warner Brothers and the BBC has released a gorgeous and wonderful looking series that is anamorhpically enhanced for widescreen TV’s. It is free of any defects both in the print and transfer. Really there is not much to say other than that the video quality is flawless and you will be able to enjoy all the splendor and detail as allowed by current technology.

Audio: Because the series was filmed in HD, it has a 5.1 sound mix. The mix is great for being allowing one to be enveloped with all the rich and natural noises that accompany the show and helps to give you a feeling that you are their with the film makers. The mix balances narration by Bernhard Hill, the music, and the natural sounds quite well, ensuring that it provides a seamless viewing experience.

Extras: There is a brief ~25 minute making of documentary called Hunting Dragons about the creation of the program and does a nice job at showing viewers how the documentary was made in terms of cameras and equipment and filming conditions.

Overall: If you have any interest in seeing the natural beauty and wonders of China, then this is the program for you and one that is: Highly Recommended.

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