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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Look at BCI's Upcoming September and October Releases

LOT's of Great Stuff Coming From BCI. Even Better most of these titles are 9.99 or 14.99. We'll have reviews and also full specs for all of these titles in the coming months.

September 2nd
PRIDE 32 The Real Deal
The Gleam
September 9th
A Day at The Beach
The Kidnapping of the President/Deathrow Gameshow
September 16th
Beyond the Door
Exploitation Cinema Cemetery Girls/Vampire Hookers
Exploitation Cinema Satan’s Slave/Terror
September 23rd
Savage Streets: Special Edition
Final Exam

October 14th
Ultraman Boxset Collection
Drive-In Cult Classics Volume 3
Exploitation Cinema Galaxina/Star Crash
Exploitation Cinema Mausoleum/Blood Song
Sweet Sixteen Directors Cut
3 Sexy Comedias Mexicanas Vol. 1
3 Sexy Comedias Mexicanas Vol. 2
October 21st
Paul Naschy Collection
Stanley Two Disc Special Edition
Hot Moves
October 28
Kitaro on DVD and Blu-Ray
Jason of Star Command/Space Academy

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