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Thursday, November 1, 2007

HKCFN Exclusive: New Dragon Dynasty Titles Revealed! ALL SHAW TITLES LISTED

This was done through my research at the Copyright office at

I'll give the Doc List for people who want to check my work.

This list contains titles in document V3542D743

Document title: Skinny tiger, fatty dragon & 4 other titles; motion pictures.

The complete document is: V3542 D743 P1-3

List of titles:

001 Skinny tiger, fatty dragon.

002 The dragon from Russia.

003 Victim.

004 PTU.

005 Full alert.

This list contains titles in document V3531D535

Document title: Come drink with me (not remake) & 51 other titles.

The complete document is: V3531 D535 P1-7

List of titles:

001 Come drink with me (not remake) Director, Hu King-Chuan.

002 Shaolin temple. Director, Chang Cheh.

003 The 36th chamber of Shaolin. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

004 Killer clans. Director, Chu Yuan.

005 Disciples of the 36th chamber. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

006 One-armed swordsman. Director, Chang Cheh.

007 Vengeance. Director, Chang Cheh.

008 The flying guillotine. Director, Ho Meng-hua.

009 Mad monkey kung fu. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

010 The eight diagram pole fighter. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

011 Executioners from Shaolin. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

012 Five Shaolin masters. Director, Chang Cheh.

013 My young auntie. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

014 Shaolin mantis. Director, Liu Chia-ling.

015 Flying guillotine 2. Directors, Cheng Kang & Hua Shan.

016 Golden swallow. Director, Chang Cheh.

017 Return to the 36th chamber. Director, Liu Chia-ling.

018 Crazy Shaolin disciples. Director, Yau Ka-hung.

019 Return of the one-armed swordsman. Director, Chang Cheh.

020 New one-armed swordsman. Director, Chang Cheh.

021 The chinese boxer. Director, Wang Yu.

022 Crippled avengers. Director, Chang Cheh.

023 The Shaolin avengers. Director, Chang Cheh.

024 Martial arts of Shaolin. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

025 King boxer. Director, Chang Chang-ho.

026 Clan of the white lotus. Director, Lo Lieh.

027 The avenging eagle (not remake) Director, Sun Chung.

028 The invincible fist. Director, Chang Cheh.

029 Blood Brothers. Director, Chang Cheh.

030 Behind the yellow line. Director, Taylor Wong.

031 The five venoms. Director, Chang Cheh.

032 Painted faces. Director, Alex Law.

033 Love in a fallen city. Director, Ann Hui.

034 The anonymous heroes. Director, Chang Cheh.

035 Buddha's palm. Director, Taylor Wong.

036 Heroes of the East. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

037 The boxer from Shantung. Director, Chang Cheh.

038 Monkey kung fu. Director, John Lo Mar.

039 Boxer rebellion. Director, Chang Cheh.

040 Dirty Ho. Director, Liu Chia-liang.

041 Look out, officer! Director, Liu Shih-yu.

042 The mad monk. Director, Johnnie To.

043 The angry guest. Director, Chang Cheh.

044 7-man army. Director, Chang Cheh.

045 The flying dagger. Director, Chang Cheh.

046 The savage five. Director, Chang Cheh.

047 Justice, my foot. Director, Johnnie To.

048 Hero. Director, Corey Yuen.

049 Out of the dark. Director, Jeff Lau.

050 Starry is the night. Director, Ann Hui.

051 The kung-fu instructor. Director, Sun Chung.

052 Man of iron. Directors, Chang Cheh & Pao Hsueh-ti.


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