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Monday, September 10, 2007

Celebrate Halloween with Fox and MGM DVDs. Specs and other info!

Thanks to Derek for giving us the info on these upcoming DVDs.






A Gruesome Collection of Horror Classics Arrive on DVD
September 11, Just In Time For Halloween

DVD Debuts of Curse of the Fly and Witchfinder General

CENTURY CITY, Calif. – The silver screen legend whose distinctive voice and unique look propelled him to the forefront of the horror genre, Vincent Price is recognized as a true Hollywood treasure whose villainous roles inspired filmmakers, musicians and other actors for generations to come. Now, just in time for Halloween, Fox and MGM Home Entertainment celebrate his storied career with nearly a dozen creepy classics including THE FLY COLLECTION, MGM MOVIE SCREAM LEGENDS: VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, arriving on DVD September 11, 2007.

A science-fiction classic that spawned a trilogy of terror, THE FLY COLLECTION features the original 1958 film THE FLY, its sequel RETURN OF THE FLY and the DVD debut of THE CURSE OF THE FLY, including all new documentaries and featurettes in a collectible boxed set.

The terror continues with MGM MOVIE SCREAM LEGENDS: VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION; a seven-movie set that immortalizes the iconic screen legend with THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES, DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN, THEATER OF BLOOD, MADHOUSE, TALES OF TERROR, TWICE TOLD TALES and the long-awaited DVD debut of WITCHFINDER GENERAL. The collection also features an exclusive BONUS DISC OF HORROR including rare interviews with the Merchant of Menace himself!

Finally, one of the most requested titles in the MGM catalog; WITCHFINDER GENERAL finally crawls its way onto DVD. Originally released theatrically as The Conqueror Worm, WITCHFINDER GENERAL is a frightening tale of a brutal witch-hunt in war torn England. The DVD also features audio commentary by the producer and star of the film and a documentary about the film’s importance to the genre. THE FLY COLLECTION is available for a suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S. / $54.98 Canada, with MGM MOVIE SCREAM LEGENDS: VINCENT PRICE available for $39.98 U.S. / $54.98 Canada and WITCHFINDER GENERAL available for $14.98 U.S. / $15.98. Prebook is August 18, 2007.

Marketing Support:

Fox and MGM Home Entertainment have a comprehensive consumer marketing and strategic publicity campaign in place for the Vincent Price titles, leveraging targeted public relations focusing on radio, print, broadcast and online outreach that specifically targets fans of the films and classic horror while capitalizing on the timeliness of the Halloween holiday season.

The Fly Collection Special Features

  • Disc One – The Fly (1958)
  • Disc Two – The Return Of The Fly (1959)
  • Disc Three – The Curse Of The Fly (1965)
  • Disc Four – Bonus Disc
    • Vincent Price biography
    • “Fly Trap: Catching A Classic” featurette
    • The Fly bonus features
      • Trailer
      • Playboy article and gallery
      • Photo gallery
      • Lobby cards and posters
    • The Return Of The Fly bonus features
      • Trailer and TV spots
      • Lobby cards and posters
      • Photo gallery
    • The Curse Of The Fly bonus features
      • Trailer
      • Pressbook gallery
      • Lobby cards and posters
      • Photo gallery

MGM Scream Legends Collection: Vincent Price Collection Special Features

  • Disc Two - THEATER OF BLOOD/MADHOUSE Double Feature
  • Disc Three - TALES OF TERROR/TWICE TOLD TALES Double Feature
  • Disc Four – Witchfinder General
    • Witchfinder General: Michael Reeve’s Horror Classic Featurette
    • Audio commentary with producer Philip Waddilove and actor Ian Ogilvy
  • Disc Five – Bonus Disc of Horror
    • “Vincent Price: Renaissance Man” documentary
    • “The Art Of Fear” featurette
    • “Working With Vincent Price” featurette


  • Witchfinder General: Michael Reeve’s Horror Classic Featurette
  • Audio commentary with producer Philip Waddilove and actor Ian Ogilvy

The Fly Synopsis

Experimental scientist Andre Delambre (David Hedison) attempts to transfer matter through a space, using himself as the test subject. But things go horrifically wrong when a house fly buzzes into the machine, resulting in two grotesque man-fly hybrids…one of them being Andre! Now with the head of a fly and a wing in place of one of his arms, Andre, desperately hopes that he, his wife Helene (Patricia Owens) and his brother Francois (Vincent Price) can capture the other mutant – the human-headed, one-armed fly – in hopes of reversing the experiment!

The Return Of The Fly Synopsis

Despite warnings from his uncle Francois (Vincent Price), the young scientist Philippe Delambre (Brett Halsey) is determined to reattempt his late father’s teleportation experiments with the help of his assistant Ronald (David Frankham). But Ronald schemes against Philippe and turns him into the same horrifying man-fly creature that his father had become…and with the same disastrous fate! Once again, it is up to Francois to try and make things right!

The Curse Of The Fly Synopsis

The Delambre family curse continues in the terrifying third and final chapter, The Curse of the Fly! Filled with “disorienting suspense” (Scarlet Street) and gruesome special effects, it’s a horrific tale of science gone mad!

After escaping from a mental institution, Patricia Stanley (Carole Gray) is rescued by scientist Martin Delambre (George Baker), the grandson of the doomed teleportation experimenter Andre Delambre. The two fall in love and marry, but Patricia quickly realizes her new husband’s science experiments are as horrific as his family’s past. As she investigates further, Patricia learns the unnerving secrets of the Delambre family and has to find a way to escape them before she becomes the next human-insect hybrid!

The Abominable Dr. Phibes Synopsis

Meet Doctor Phibes: a one-time concert musician who’s now an all-time crazed murderer. In this clever, crypt-kicking classic, horrormeister Vincent Price plays a diabolical doc seeking the ultimate in revenge with precision creepiness and surgical wit. Watch Dr. Phibes live up to his promise: “Nine killed her, nine shall die, nine eternities in doom!”

After a team of surgeons botch his beloved wife’s surgery, leaving her for dead, the emotionally distraught Dr. Phibes creatively concocts a fatal prescription for revenge. Using the Good Book as his guide, Phibes unleashes a score of old testament atrocities – from a plague of locusts to an attack of rats -- on his enemies that climax in what may be one of “the eeriest endings on screen record” (Syracuse Herald-Journal)!

Dr. Phibes Rises Again Synopsis

The eminent Dr. Phibes awakens from a decade of suspended animation and heads to Egypt with his mute aide-de-camp Vulnavia and the corpse of his dead wife. To resurrect his spouse, Phibes gets up to his usual, diabolical tricks: cleverly murdering people in strange and heinous ways to invoke a magical incantation. But once he is in the tomb of the dead Pharaohs, the good doctor uncovers that his pursuit of an after-life may be foiled by his nemesis who wants to end the reign of this sadistic surgeon of gore.

Theater Of Blood Synopsis

Vincent Price delivers a thrilling “tour-de-force” performance (Variety) as a small-time actor plotting big-time revenge! Boasting a top notch supporting cast, this dramatically “delicious concoction” (New York Magazine) is an “equal mixture of horror, comedy and Shakespeare [that’ll] please just about everyone -- critics included” (Boxoffice)!

After years of suffering deadly reviews, hammy Shakespearean actor Edward Lionheart (Price) decides it’s curtains for his critics! Bumping off his detractors with executions inspired by the Bard, Lionheart stages a beheading after the manner of “Cymbeline,” a stabbing inspired by “Julius Caesar,” and even an untimely removal of a pound of flesh improvised from “The Merchant of Venice” -- proving once and for all, that all the world really is a stage…for MURDER!

Madhouse Synopsis

Madhouse Masters of macabre Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Robert Quarry give performances to die for in this “diverting little chiller” (Boxoffice)! When horror star Paul Toombes’ fiancée is brutally killed, he loses more than this job he loses his mind. But twelve years later, when he returns to TV – only to discover a fresh batch of corpses – Paul finally begins to understand that melodrama can be murder on your career!

Tales Of Terror /Twice Told Tale Synopsis

This triple treat of terror is a three-episode treat dripping with murder, necrophilia, dementia, live burials, zombies and the terrifying performances of some of horror’s greatest spooks – Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Basil Rathbone – resulting in nothing less than “juicy entertainment” and “spine-chilling cinema” (Cue)!

Witchfinder General Synopsis

“Vincent Price proves once again that he is still the greatest ghoul going” (Motion Picture Herald) in this Edgar Allen Poe thriller about a witch hunter who finds career satisfaction touring the English countryside torturing hapless victims and putting innocent people to death in the name of purifying souls. It’s a tale of “love, villainy and retribution” (Film Daily) and a “sadist’s delight” (Los Angeles Times) for those who love historical bloodfests.

As superstition and spells sweep the middle ages, an educated rogue named Hopkins (Price) wanders from town to town proclaiming to be an official witch finder. Town leaders pay him to accuse and then execute – usually innocent – suspects. But when a brave soldier returns home to find his sweetheart on the rack, ready to burn, Hopkins realizes he may have whacked his last witch.


Street Date: September 11, 2007

Prebook Date: August 15, 2007

DVD Price: $39.98 U.S. / $54.98Canada

Total Running Time: 252 minutes

Catalog Number: 2246202U.S.

Rating: N/A

Canadian Rating: N/A

Audio: English Mono

Subtitles: English/French/Spanish

Format: Wide Screen

Closed Captioned: Yes


Street Date: September 11, 2007

Prebook Date: August 15, 2007

DVD Price: $39.98 U.S. / $49.98 Canada

Total Running Time: 674 minutes

Catalog Number: M108780

U.S. Rating: N/A

Canadian Rating: N/A

Audio: English Mono

Format: Wide Screen

Closed Captioned: Yes


Street Date: September 11, 2007

Prebook Date: August 15, 2007

DVD Price: $14.98 U.S. / $15.98 Canada

Total Running Time: 86 minutes

Catalog Number: M108765

U.S. Rating: N/A

Canadian Rating: N/A

Audio: English Mono

Subtitles: English/French/Spanish

Format: Wide Screen

Closed Captioned: Yes



Eight Films From One Of The Most Influential Directors In Modern American Cinema Arrive In A Collectible Box Set September 18

LOS ANGELES, CA – Before “Grindhouse” theaters opened their doors, Roger Corman was making movies. A filmmaker who is responsible for giving many of Hollywood’s top directors their first big break including Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather), Martin Scorsese (The Departed),
Ron Howard (The DaVinci Code), James Cameron (Titanic), Peter Bogdanovich
(The Last Picture Show) and Joe Dante (Gremlins); Corman’s prolific career of making low-budget, yet wildly entertaining exploitation films cemented his place in film history.
MGM Home Entertainment celebrates his legendary career with an anthology of his very best work with The Roger Corman Collection, coming to DVD September 18.

Featuring eight films on four discs, the box set includes Peter Fonda (Ghost Rider, Easy Rider) and Bruce Dern (The Astronaut Farmer, Diggstown) in the motorcycle thriller The Wild Angels, the artsy horror story A Bucket Of Blood, the apocalyptic Gas-s-s-s, the Edgar Allan Poe tale Premature Burial, the science-fiction classic X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes and the acid-fueled tale written by Jack Nicholson (The Departed, As Good As It Gets); The Trip. Additionally, the collection offers two Corman classics never before available on DVD – Shelly Winters (The Poseidon Adventure, The Diary of Anne Frank) and Robert DeNiro (Raging Bull) in the psychological gangster film Bloody Mama and the grand prix action spectacular The Young Racers. The Roger Corman Collection is available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S. / $45.98 Canada. Prebook is August 15, 2007.


Bloody Mama

Shelley Winters, Robert DeNiro and Bruce Dern take on the Great Depression the only way they know how in this explosive saga based on the lives of the Ma Barker Gang!

A Bucket of Blood

In a jumpin' java joint, filled to the brim with kooky beatniks, poets and hipsters, an artist wannabe discovers he has a talent for modern art...and murder. Dripping with blood, social satire and "sick, sick comedy," this film, according to critic Leonard Maltin, "nicely captures the spirit of the beatnik era" and zips along with vibes of counterculture creepiness. Walter (Dick Miller) is a busboy overly impressed with the cool cats who hang out at The Yellow Door coffee house, and he wonders how to become "hip." When he accidentally kills his landlady's pet cat, Walter panics and covers it with clay. His prayers are answered, and before he knows it, he's the "cat's meow" of the art world. His talent develops and - surprise! - he can sculpt humans the same way too. Like so many artists, his real talent won't be discovered - until he's dead.


Anarchy goes airborne when a deadly gas kills everyone over 25 and the world devolves into a chaotic – and zany – struggle for power.

The Trip

Written by Jack Nicholson, The Trip takes you to a whole new world of extreme beauty and sheer terror…on a passport the size of a stamp!

The Premature Burial

The obsessive fear of being buried alive compels a medical student to build himself a tomb with a view, equipped with everything he can think of to escape death.

X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes

A “fantastic” (Los Angeles Times) tale of heart-pounding suspense, this “harrowing [and] terrifying” (Boxoffice) sci-fi shocker “will fascinate horror film fans” (The Hollywood Reporter).

The Young Racers

An ex-racing champion gets back in the driver’s seat to take on the current champ in a match with a climax so explosive, it has to be seen to be believed.

The Wild Angeles

Grab your chick, hop on your Harley and fly with this “sociological shocker [from the] cut-rate master of the macabre” (Time) starring Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra, Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd.

The Roger Corman Collection
Price: $39.98U.S. / $45.98 Canada

Street Date: September 18, 2007

Prebook Date: August 22, 2007

Catalog Number: M108589

Bloody Mama (Disc One A)

Total Running Time: 90 minutes

U.S Rating R

Canadian Rating N/A

Closed Captioned: N/A

A Bucket of Blood (Disc One B)

Total Running Time: 66 minutes

U.S Rating Not Rated

Canadian Rating N/A

Closed Caption N/A

Gas-s-s (Disc Two A)

Total Running Time: 78 minutes

U.S Rating R

Canadian Rating N/A

Closed Caption N/A

The Trip (Disc Two B)

Total Running Time: 79 minutes

U.S Rating Not Rated

Canadian Rating N/A

Closed Caption N/A

The Premature Burial (Disc Three A)

Total Running Time: 81 minutes

U.S Rating Not Rated

Canadian Rating N/A

Closed Caption N/A

X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes (Disc Three B)

Total Running Time: 79 minutes

U.S Rating Not Rated

Canadian Rating N/A

Closed Caption N/A

The Young Racers (Disc Four A)

Total Running Time: 84 minutes

U.S Rating Not Rated

Canadian Rating N/A

Closed Caption N/A

The Wild Angeles (Disc Four B)

Total Running Time: 86 minutes

U.S Rating Not Rated

Canadian Rating N/A

Closed Caption N/A



Creepy Camp Classics

Come Back To Life

On DVD September 11

A Vast Collection Of Midnite Movies Make Their DVD Debut Including Bat People, The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues,

Food Of The Gods, House On Skull Mountain and More

Street Date: September 11, 2007

Pre-book Date: August 15, 2007

Launch Highlights:

· Back by popular demand after an online petition gathered nearly 5,000 signatures to save the line, MGM Home Entertainment’s Midnite Movies return with new titles, never-before-on-DVD, including Bat People, Beast with a Million Eyes, Yongary; Monster From The Deep, The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues, Return Of Dracula, The Vampire and Curse of the Faceless Man!

· Fox Home Entertainment joins the Midnite Movies madness by unleashing six new two-disc double features of their own, including Blueprint For Murder, Man In The Attic, Chosen Survivors, Earth Dies Screaming, Devils Of Darkness, Witchcraft, Gorilla At Large, Mystery At Monster Island, House On Skull Mountain, Mephisto Waltz, Tales From The Crypt and Vault Of Horror!

· Based on the novel by H. G. Wells, Food Of The Gods crawls onto DVD for the first time ever as MGM Home Entertainment’s Midnite Movie single feature!

· Get ready for some campy and macabre fun with Midnite Movies from MGM Home Entertainment and Fox Home Entertainment as new titles are released in time for Halloween for the suggested retail price of $14.98 U.S. and $15.98 Canada.

New MGM Midnite Movie Double Features Priced At $14.98 U.S./$15.98 Canada

Title: Length:

The Beast Within/Bat People 98 min./95 min.

The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues/The Beast With A Million Eyes 80 min./75 min.

Pharoh’s Curse/Curse of the Faceless Man 66 min./67 min.

Return Of Dracula/The Vampire 77 min./95 min.

Yongary, Monster From The Deep/Konga 79 min./90 min.

New MGM Midnite Movie Singles Priced At $14.98 U.S./$15.98 Canada

Title: Length:

Food Of The Gods 88 min.

New Fox Midnite Movie Double Features Priced At $14.98 U.S./$15.98 Canada

Title: Length:

Blueprint For Murder/Man In The Attic 82 min./77 min.

Chosen Survivors/Earth Dies Screaming 130 min./62 min.

Devils Of Darkness/Witchcraft 88 min./79 min.

Gorilla At Large/Mystery At Monster Island 84 min./83 min.

House On Skull Mountain/Mephisto Waltz 115 min./89 min.

Tales From The Crypt/Vault Of Horror 83 min./92 min.


The Beast Within/Bat People Catalog #: M108631

The Beast With (1982) – He was on the verge of becoming a Man…Eater! A Teenage boy is coming face to face with his true past as it keeps on coming back to haunt him. Will he learn who his true father is? Will he accept his fate and it’s consequences?

Bat People (1974) – After being bitten by a bat in a cave, a doctor undergoes an accelerating transformation into a man-bat creature, which ruins his vacation and causes considerable distress for his wife.

The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues/ Beast With A Million Eyes Catalog #: M108637

The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues (1955) – An unusual radioactive rock on the sea bottom mutates the ocean life into a horrible monster.

Beast With A Million Eyes (1955) – After landing a space craft in the desert, an alien takes over the minds of some of the local humans and animals. As the animals attack, the terror begins.

Pharoh’s Curse/Cure Of The Faceless Man Catalog #: M108640

Pharoh’s Curse (1957) – Archaeologists in Egypt find one of their crew has been turned into a blood-sucking mummy after they have unleashed a three thousand year curse by entering a Pharaoh's tomb.

Cure Of The Faceless Man (1958) - When scientists uncover the body of a gladiator from the ruins of Pompeii, they discover he is still alive and set on finding his ancient lost love, but people left alone with the seemingly petrified “faceless man” keep dying of crushed skulls

Return Of Dracula/The Vampire Catalog #: M108643

Return Of Dracula (1958) – After killing a passenger on a train in Transylvania and stealing his identity, Count Dracula comes to a small community in California where the Mayberry’s are expecting their cousin from Europe.

The Vampire (1957) – A man mistakenly takes vampire pills created by a mad doctor and goes on a killing spree in this by prescription camp classic.

Yongary, Monster From The Deep/Konga Catalog #: M108634

Yongary, Monster From The Deep (1967) – A nuclear test in China releases a giant dinosaur from hibernation. The monster rampages through Korea until a young inventor kills it with a special chemical.

Konga (1961) – A chimp is transformed into a giant gorilla and terrorizes London!


Food Of The Gods (1976) Catalog #: M108762

Based on a novel by H. G. Wells, a group of bloodthirsty, oversized creatures (including rates, chickens, wasps and worms) have taken over a remote island after ingesting a mysterious growth known as “Food of the Gods.” It is up to an unusual group of people to put an end to this animal threat, directed by B-Movie Icon, Bert I. Gordon.


Blueprint For Murder/Man In The Attic Catalog #: 2245978

Blueprint For Murder (1953) – When one of two orphans, who live with their stepmother, collapses with the same mysterious symptoms that killed her father, the visiting uncle is warned that the symptoms match strychnine poisoning… When no case can be made against the obvious suspect, what can the uncle do to save the next victim?

Man In The Attic (1953) – On the night of the third Jack the Ripper killing in 1888, London, a research pathologist takes lodgings in a gloomy attic room for “experiments.” The Mrs. of the house is increasingly suspect and expects the worst: her niece to become attracted to the man. Is she in danger or are the aunt’s suspicions merely a red herring?

Chosen Survivors/Earth Dies Screaming Catalog #: 2245968

Chosen Survivors (1974) – A group of diverse individuals are suddenly taken from their homes and flown to a futuristic bomb shelter in the desert. Their shelter was designed to hold them comfortable until they are faced with an unexpected threat.

Earth Dies Screaming (1964) – A crack space pilot returns to earth to find the planet has been devastated by some unknown forces. There are a few survivors, so he organizes them in a plan to ward off control by a group of killer robots!

Devils Of Darkness/Witchcraft Catalog #: 2245976

Devils Of Darkness (1965) – A secret vampire cult, which has its headquarters beneath the town cemetery, searches for victims of human sacrifice rituals.

Witchcraft (1964) – Three hundred years after the Lanier family buried Vanessa Whitlock alive, a woman suspected to be a witch, Amy Whitlock and Bill Lanier are to be married. When the Lanier family decides to bulldoze the old Whitlock Estate, graves are overturned and Vanessa rises from the grave to take revenge on the Lanier family one-by-one.

Gorilla At Large/Mystery At Monster Island Catalog #: 2245974

Gorilla At Large (1954) – At the sinister carnival, The Garden of Evil, the main attraction is Goliath, Barker Joey Matthews is about to enter the gorilla act when a man is found bead of a broken neck. Was is Goliath or someone wearing Joey’s gorilla suit?

Mystery At Monster Island (1981) – A young man about to marry his long-term girlfriend wants to travel around the world. His wealthy uncle sends him on an expedition, but when en route, the travelers are shipwrecked on a remote island.

House On Skull Mountain/Mephisto Waltz Catalog #: 2245970

House On Skull Mountain (1974) – The heirs to a rich man’s fortune are called together for the reading of the will at a creepy mansion outside of Atlanta. Soon they are being killed off one-by-one. The survivors try to find the killer before he finishes them all off.

Mephisto Waltz (1971) – A classical piano player on the rise befriends a famous player himself who’s at death’s door. Unknown to him, the player is a Satanist who arranges to have their souls switch places at his death so that he can be young again and continue to play piano.

Tales From The Crypt/Vault Of Horror Catalog #: 2245972

Tales From The Crypt (1972) – Five people are trapped in a crypt and are shown their futures by the evil crypt keeper. They’re given the option of avoiding their fates – by avoiding living out the rest of their lives.

Vault Of Horror (1973) – Five men trapped in the basement vault of an office building share visions with each other of their demise. Stories revolve around vampires, bodily dismemberment, East Indian mysticism, an insurance scam and an artist who kills by paining his victim’s deaths.




Spine-Tingling Tales Turn Loose September 11

Bloodcurdling Films New To DVD Include

The Burning, Scarecrows, The Lost World Special Edition And More

Street Date: September 11, 2007

Pre-book Date: August 15, 2007

Launch Highlights:

· Debuting on DVD in an all-new Special Edition from Fox Home Entertainment, The Lost World explores a land that lives today exactly as it did at the dawn of time. Based on the 1912 Novel, this remake of the 1925 film by the “original master of Disaster” Irwin Allen, was a critically acclaimed film of the 60’s. Digitally restored and re-mastered, this two-disc set features film historian commentary, making of documentaries, rare still images, press book galleries and the 1925 Willis O’Brien stop-motion special-effects film.

· MGM Home Entertainment unleashes four creepy tales jumping out on DVD for the first time ever. The Burning (1981), featuring film debuts from Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander and Fisher Stevens, tells the gruesome tale of a severely burned summer camp janitor returning to camp hell-bent on vengeance on a new batch of hormone-driven campers. Witness the birth of evil with Manhunter (1986), the eerie and intense film debut of Hannibal Lecter, staring Brian Cox. Thieves on the run find themselves trapped in a cornfield haunted by dark, lurid figures in Scarecrows (1988); and the television movie based on a short story by Stephen King, Sometimes They Come Back (1991) makes its mark on DVD starring
Tim Matheson and Brooke Adams.

· Psycho killers, zombies, sci-fi creatures and evil children are set loose when Fox Home Entertainment promotes dozens of horror filled treats flicks and collections ranging from $9.98 to $39.98 in time Halloween 2007, including The Hills Have Eyes, The Omen Collection, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 28 Days Later and the all-new 4-Disc Fly Classic Collection!

· Beware of vampires, tormented souls, madmen and madwomen as
MGM Home Entertainment’s catalog of ghoulish titles is re-priced in time for Halloween ranging from $9.98 to $39.98, The Amityville Horror Collection,
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Invasion of the Body Snatchers,
The Hannibal Lector Collection, The Howling, Child’s Play, among many others!

New To Special Edition DVD From Fox Priced At $19.98 U.S. and $25.98 Canada

Title: Length:

The Lost World (Special Edition) 97 min.

New To DVD Titles From MGM Priced At $14.98 U.S. and $15.98 Canada

Title: Length:

The Burning 91 min.

Manhunter 124 min.

Scarecrows 83 min.

Sometimes They Come Back 97 min.

Fox DVDs Priced At $39.98 U.S

Title: Length:

The Complete Omen Collection 533 min.

The Fly Classic Collection (4-Disc) 252 min.

MGM DVDs Priced At $39.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

Stephen King DVD Collector Set 447 min.

MGM DVDs Priced At $29.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

The Hannibal Lector Collection 369 min.

Fox DVDs Priced At $26.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

AVP – Alien vs. Predator (Collector’s Edition) 108 min.

MGM DVDs Priced At $26.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

The Silence of the Lambs (Collector’s Edition) 118 min.

MGM DVDs Priced At $22.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

Hannibal (Special Edition) 131 min.

Fox DVDs Priced At $19.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show / Shock Treatment 192 min.

Fox DVDs Priced At $19.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

The Fly (Collector's Edition) 95 min.

Fly II (Collector's Edition) 104 min.

From Hell (2-disc) 121 min.

Hide & Seek (Widescreen & Full Screen) 101 min.

The Hills Have Eyes (Rated) 107 min.

The Hills Have Eyes (Unrated) 108 min.

Night Watch 114 min.

The Omen (Collector's Edition) 111 min.

Predator (Collector's Edition) (Widescreen & Full Screen) 106 min.

Predator 2 (Collector's Edition) 108 min.

MGM DVDs Priced At $19.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Collector’s Edition) 157 min.

Bubba Ho-Tep (Collector’s Edition) 95 min.

Fox DVDs Priced At $14.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

28 Days Later (Widescreen & Full Screen) 113 min.

Alien 116 min.

Aliens 154 min.

Alien 3 115 min.

Alien Resurrection 108 min.

Alien vs. Predator (Widescreen & Full Screen) 108 min.

The Cabinet of Caligari 105 min.

Club Dread (Rated) 104 min.

Club Dread (Unrated) 119 min.

The Day the Earth Stood Still 92 min.

Doctor and the Devils 92 min.

Don't Say A Word 113 min.

Dressed To Kill ('41) 74 min.

Frankenstein Unbound 85 min.

From Hell (single disc) 121 min.

The Fury 95 min.

High Crimes 115 min.

House of the Dammed ('63) 63 min.

Fox DVDs Priced At $14.98 U.S. (cont’d)

Title: Length:

Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte 132 min.

The Innocents 100 min.

Lifeboat (Special Edition) 96 min.

Night Train to Paris ('64) 65 min.

One Hour Photo (Widescreen & Full Screen) 96 min.

The Other ('72) 100 min.

Phone Booth 81 min.

Pretty Poison ('68) 89 min.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (single disc) 100 min.

Runaway Jury (Widescreen & Full Screen) 127 min.

Sexy Beast 89 min.

Shock Treatment 92 min.

Unfaithful (Widescreen & Full Screen) 124 min.

Wrong Turn 84 min.

MGM DVDs Priced At $14.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

After Midnight 93 min.

The Amityville Horror 119 min.

The Amityville Horror (’05) 89 min.

Amityville II: The Possession 104 min.

Amityville III: The Demon 93 min.

Audrey Rose 113 min.

The Believers 115 min.

Blacula 93 min.

Breeders 77 min.

The Brood 92 min.

Burnt Offerings 114 min.

Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh 91 min.

Carrie (Special Edition) 98 min.

Child’s Play 87 min.

Christina’s House 97 min.

Dark Half 121 min.

Dolls 78 min.

Dressed To Kill (’80) 105 min.

Edge of Sanity 91 min.

The First Power 98 min.

The Fog (Special Edition) 90 min.

Frogs 90 min.

From a Whisper to a Scream 100 min.

The Ghoul 80 min.

Ghoulies / Ghoulies II 171 min.

Hannibal 131 min.

The House Where Evil Dwells 88 min.

MGM DVDs Priced At $14.98 U.S. (cont’d)

Title: Length:

The Howling (Special Edition) 91 min.

The Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf 91 min.

I, Madman 89 min.

Jeepers Creepers 90 min.

Jeepers Creepers 2 (Special Edition) 104 min.

Killer Clowns from Outer Space 86 min.

The Lady in White 118 min.

The Last House on the Left 84 min.

Leviathan 98 min.

Lifeforce 116 min.

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane 92 min.

Lord of Illusions 121 min.

Night of the Comet 95 min.

The Night of the Hunter 93 min.

The Night Stalker / The Night Strangler 164 min.

Night Visitor 94 min.

Nomads 93 min.

The Phantom of the Opera (’89) 93 min.

Poltergeist II / Poltergeist III 189 min.

The Rage: Carrie 2 105 min.

Rampage: the Hillside Strangler Murders 85 min.

Scream, Blacula, Scream 96 min.

Shredder 86 min.

The Silence of the Lambs 118 min.

Stigmata 102 min.

Swamp Thing 91 min.

Teen Wolf / Teen Wolf Too 186 min.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Special Edition) 101 min.

Troll / Troll 2 178 min.

What Ever Happened To Aunt Alice? 101 min.

Fox DVDs Priced At $9.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

The Alligator People 74 min.

Best Laid Plans 92 min.

Black Widow 101 min.

The Boston Strangler 116 min.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Movie) 86 min.

The Clearing 94 min.

Damien: The Omen II 107 min.

Darkwolf 94 min.

The Deep End 101 min.

The Edge 120 min.

The Good Son 86 min.

Fox DVDs Priced At $9.98 U.S. (cont’d)

Title: Length:

Hear No Evil 97 min.

Joy Ride 96 min.

Killer Tomatoes Eat France 93 min.

Killer Tomatoes Strike Back 87 min.

Lake Placid (Widescreen & Full Screen) 82 min.

Legend of Hell House 95 min.

Omen III: The Final Conflict 108 min.

The Omen ('06) (Widescreen & Full Screen) 110 min.

The Order 102 min.

Phantom of the Paradise 92 min.

Ravenous 100 min.

Sleeping with the Enemy 99 min.

Swimfan 85 min.

Terror Train 97 min.

The Vanishing 109 min.

MGM DVDs Priced At $9.98 U.S.

Title: Length:

Squirm 93 min.

Carrie (’02) 132 min.


The Burning Catalog #: M108553

A legend of terror isn’t a campfire story anymore! Cropsy (Lou David), a summer camp caretaker, is horribly disfigured by fire after a teenage prank goes awry. Years later, he emerges from the burn ward hell-bent on vengeance on a new batch of hormone-driven campers with an oversized pair of garden shears. One of the first producing and writing credits for both Harvey Weinstein (Shakespeare In Love, Scream, Kill Bill) and Brad Grey (The Sopranos, The Larry Sanders Show), The Burning (1981) also includes film debuts by Holly Hunter (The Piano, Copycat, Thirteen), Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”, “Listen Up”), Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit, Reversal Of Fortune, Hackers) and Brian Backer (Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Moving Violations) with gruesome special effects by the talented Tom Savini (Friday The 13th, Dawn Of The Dead).

The Lost World Special Edition Catalog #: 2245965

Prepare yourself to fall off the brink of time and enter The Lost World – A word that lives today exactly as it did at the dawn of time. Professor Challenger and his team of scientists embark on an expedition to a remote plateau deep within the Amazonian jungle to investigate reports that dinosaurs are still alive there. Suddenly, they are exposed to the death-battle of the Jurassic dinosaurs, a wild 70 lb. brontosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus hatching a baby monster, a sea-serpent of a lava lake appearing from the depths, spiders that stalk humans and more! Finally reliving on DVD, this 2-disc special edition will also feature the following bonus features:

· Film Historian Commentary

· Making-of Documentaries

· Rare Still Images

· Press Book Galleries

· The 1925 Willis O’Brien Special Effect Masterpiece

Manhunter Catalog #: M108559

Enter the mind of a serial killer… you may never come back. Based on Thomas Harris’s novel Red Dragon, Manhunter introduces the notorious serial killer Hannibal
“The Cannibal” Lecter to film in this prequel to The Silence Of The Lambs. Nominated for an Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Motion Picture in 1987, Manhunter stars William Petersen (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” The Contender) as ex-FBI agent
Will Graham, who seeks counsel with Lecter (Brian Cox, Adaptation, X2, “Deadwood”) to track down a vicious killer who has thwarted authorities at every turn.

Scarecrows Catalog #: M108562

When it comes to terror, trespassers are in a field of their own. Centering around a group of thieves who, after stealing millions the Camp Pendleton payroll, kidnap a pilot and his daughter in attempt to escape to Mexico. While en route, one of the thieves gets greedy and double-crosses the others by parachuting out of the aircraft with the loot into a dark cornfield maze with more than it’s share of creepy scarecrows. As the others delve into the field after the stolen cash, they begin to realize that these scarecrows aren’t just hanging around. They’re out for blood!

Sometimes They Come Back Catalog #: M108565

Based on the story by Stephen King, Tim Matheson (“The West Wing,” “The Quest”) stars as troubled high school teacher Jim Norman who returns to his hometown with his family where he must confront some painful and haunting memories. Some 27 years earlier, Tim’s brother was murdered by a group of high school thugs, who were killed themselves by an oncoming train. As some of Tim’s students begin to die one by one, the ghostly apparitions of the bullies from his past begin to appear. It’s up to Tim to protect his wife and son and cast off the shackles of his past to stop these supernatural killers.




Two Gory Horror Masterpieces Arrive On DVD

September 11 From MGM Home Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, CA – Two iconic splatter classics that were pioneers in the horror genre make their way to DVD when From Beyond Unrated and The Return Of The Living Dead Collector’s Edition arrive on September 11 from MGM Home Entertainment. Just in time for Halloween, these 80s cult classics represent some of the most dark and original content created and started a new trend in black comedy. Based on the short story of the same name by legendary writer H.P. Lovecraft, comes a science-fiction experiment gone horribly wrong in From Beyond. Starring horror legend Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, The Frighteners) and shot by cult director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, Dolls), From Beyond Unrated is available for the first time on DVD and includes all new featurettes, a photomontage and the original Director’s Unrated Cut.

Writer/director Dan O’Bannon (Alien, Lifeforce) puts a hilarious spin on the zombie movie with The Return Of The Living Dead. Considered one of the most bizarre yet incredibly funny horror films in its time, The Return Of The Living Dead helped launch the career of scream queen Linnea Quigley (Sorority Babes In The Slime Ball Bowl-O-Rama, Vice Academy) and is a true punk rock zombie comedy. The Collector’s Edition DVD comes in collectible glow in the dark packaging and features audio commentary from cast, crew and the undead, behind-the-scenes featurettes, an 80s horror film retrospective hosted by the mistress of the night herself, Elvira and of course, zombie subtitles.

Both From Beyond Unrated and The Return Of The Living Dead Collector’s Edition are available for the suggested retail price of $19.98 U.S. / $25.98 Canada. Prebook is August 15, 2007.


From Beyond Unrated

H.P. Lovecraft’s classic tale of suspense became “a grisly amalgam of sex, shock and satire” (Newsweek) in the hands of the creators of Re-animator. And now, armed with shocking never-before-seen footage and special features and on DVD for the first time, this “bloody good entertainment” (Time) has evolved into one of the most gruesomely riveting film experiences of all time! The Resonator, a powerful machine that can control the sixth sense, has killed its creator and sent his associate into an insane asylum. But when a beautiful psychiatrist becomes determined to continue the experiment, she unwittingly opens the door to a hostile parallel universe…and to the deviant behavior within the human psyche. With its victims becoming creatures who feed on – and become aroused by – human brains, the Resonator is the ultimate man-made monster. And now something’s gone horribly wrong and no one can turn it off!

From Beyond Unrated Special Features:

Ø “The Director’s Perspective” featurette

Ø “The Editing Room: Lost and Found” featurette

Ø Interview with composer

Ø Photo montage

Ø Storyboard to Film Comparisons w/ introduction

Ø Deleted scenes:

o Appearance of Dr. Pretorus

o Death of Bubba

o Hospital Escape

o Katherine Frees Herself

The Return Of The Living Dead Collector’s Edition

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cemetery, those brain-eating zombies are back and hungry for more tasty mortals. A fiendish mix of outrageous humor and heart-stopping terror, The Return of the Living Dead is a veritable smorgasbord of fun (LA Herald-Examiner) filled with skin-crawling jolts, eye-popping visuals and relentless surprise! On his first day on the job at an army surplus store, poor Freddy unwittingly releases nerve gas from a secret U.S. military canister, unleashing an unbelievable terror. The gas re-animates a corps of corpses, who arise from their graves with a ravenous hunger for human brains! And luckily for those carnivorous cadavers, there is a group of partying teens nearby, just waiting to be eaten!

The Return Of The Living Dead: Collector’s Edition Special Features

Ø Cast, crew and undead commentary

Ø “Remembering The Dead: Cast Recollections” featurette

Ø “From The Underground: The Rise of Horror in the 80s” featurette

Ø Zombie subtitle stream


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