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Monday, August 27, 2007

Specs for THE FILM CREW: "Killers from Space" and "Wild Women of Wongo"

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett—three of the brilliantly insane minds behind Mystery Science Theater 3000—finally reunite to unleash their warped sense of humor on the cinema of yesteryear as The Film Crew. Charged with the task of giving all movies their own commentary, the Film Crew valiantly steps forward to tackle the best of the worst, continuing with Killers From Space and Wild Women Of Wongo.

Killers from Space (available now) stars Peter Graves (Airplane, Mission Impossible) as a nuclear scientist abducted by aliens to facilitate their invasion of earth. This cult classic features such ’50s-era sci-fi favorites as A-bombs, genetically mutated super-sized creepers, and aliens with bugged-out eyes (suspiciously resembling halved ping pong balls). Includes “Did You Know…?” featurette and outtakes.

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Wild Women of Wongo (available Sept. 11) tells the story of a cruel experiment by Mother Nature and Father Time. The beautiful women of the lush, tropical island of Wongo are led to believe the only men who exist are the horribly ugly, ape-like creatures that live on the other side of the island. That is, until they set eyes on the handsome prince from a neighboring island, where all of the men are equally gorgeous! Meanwhile, the beastly men of Wongo, on their way to select their mates, are unhappy about the island’s recent arrival. Includes limited edition bumper sticker and two extras, “Make the Film Crew Dance!” and “The Film Crew says ‘Goodbye’ Wongo-Style.”

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