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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Mythical Text Ending to Peking Oprea Blues!

Source: A Kung Fu HD channel print supplied by Miramax. Sorry for the quality as I'm still waiting for my PC and thus cant transfer it yet.



Anonymous said...

I've recorded a couple of miramax prints off of KungFuHD.

Tiger On Beat, Dragons Forever(missing they psych. scene), Swordsman part 1, Yes Madam, TIger Cage 2, Prison On Fire 1 and 2 are all subtitled.

They also (unfortunately) show the old Miramax hack jobs of the Jet Li films and City On Fire.

KungFuHD is one of the few highlights of having to deal with Cablevision of NJ!!

IKF said...

I agree. I have to say I am thrilled with the print quality on Triads the Inside Story. It may be dubbed, but its the original HK English dub and uncut. I can't wait to see how nice Tob and Swordsman, YM look. These prints looks great. Shame about some of the cut prints. Otherwise seeing a Miramax logo is actually a plus for once lol.