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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh dear lord why do I have a feeling were going to hear ....

some dumbass comparisions in the next couple of weeks by pundits. Jess made a good point that people are proably going to scapegoat these films. Just because someone thinks that they can make some connection like the junk that emerged after Columbine doesn't mean anything. I swear I don't want hear so nitwit ragging on our films claiming they had anything to do with this. Anyone who has seen the cinema of Hong Kong knows that these films sure as hell don't promote chracters like him.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, this really upsets me. I remember after Columbine, people were claiming that violent films led to the tragic events. Seriously, this is one of the most ludicrous arguments around and it has no bearing on reality. People who are mentally unstable will act stupid regardless of what movies set them off. The MAJORITY of people out there don't go around shooting others "like they do in the movies," so how is this even a feasible argument?

Speaking of Chow Yun Fat, I'm really mad at IKF for making me see that piece of crap known as Paycheck, featuring the "talents" of Uma Thurman and Ben Affleck. The reason I'm pissed? Simply the fact that IKF kept repeating that we were giving money to John Woo to direct better movies. Well, I read on imdb that CYF has pulled out of the newest Woo film due to differences.

There is a silver lining though. Now I don't have to see Pirates 3! Sweet!