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Monday, April 9, 2007

Jackie Chan Goes Reality.

Well maybe it won't be Flavor of Love or I Love NY, but this should still be of interest. From IMDB and Jessica Lasak. Also the Cheng Cheh update should be up in an hour or two. It's going to be a great multimedia overview of Cheng Cheh's career and I hope you'll check back soon.

Martial arts superstar Jackie Chan has launched a new Chinese TV show project in a bid to find his movie successor. More than 100,000 fans have reportedly signed up to try out for the reality TV show, called The Disciple, which seeks out new action movie talent. In introducing the new show on Saturday, Chan, 53, said, "A lot of actors are good at fighting but (they're) not beautiful (to watch). If you can incorporate dance with an ability to perform kung fu, that would be better." The show will run from March to October next year with the 10 winners landing roles a new movie, which Chan will produce.


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