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Sunday, May 19, 2019

"RONDO" -- A Pulpy World of Sex, Murder and Revenge Served Piping Hot From Artsploitation Films -- See Trailer HERE

Pulp-Drenched Rondo Out on DVD & VOD June 4th
Part Black Comedy, Part Slasher, Part Revenge Thriller. All Exploitation!

Paying homage to the grindhouse features of the 1960s & '70s, Drew Barnhardt's Rondo is a darkly sexual, craftily stylized and wildly entertaining crime and revenge melodrama. 

This film festival and critics favorite will come out on DVD and VOD June 4th.

“Twisted” - Bloody Disgusting
“A classic in the making” - Starburst Magazine
"A pulp novel come to life…thoroughly entertaining.” - Haddonfield Horror
“A modern day low-budget exploitation masterpiece.” -  Nightmarish Conjurings
"Amazingly blackly funny and extremely violent!" - Beneath the Underground
“Its sleaze is a class act." - Eye For Eye

Synopsis: Paul, a troubled young veteran, is told by a psychiatrist that sex is the solution to his dependency and drinking problems. But things turns out otherwise as Paul and his sister are sucked into a criminal underworld where sex and murder are daily specials and revenge is served piping hot.


Title: Rondo: Director: Drew Barnhardt; Starring: Luke Sorge, Brenna Otts, Ketrick “Jazz” Copeland, Gena Shaw; Country: USA; Year: 2018; Running Time: 88 minutes; Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1; Language: English; Aspect Ratio:  1.77:1; UPC: 851597006759; SRP: $14.95

Special DVD Features:

    Director’s Commentary
    Delete Scenes
    Selected music commentaries with composer Ryan Franks (27 min)
    The artwork of Rondo (poster art and lobby cards set to music) (3 min) 

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