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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Very Risque' Swimming Scene In "Valley Of The Dragons" (1961) (video)

In this Jules Verne adaptation, two 19th-century men find themselves in prehistoric times...

...thanks to lots of stock footage from "One Million B.C." and other movies.

Each man eventually finds his own love interest.

Cesare Danova's is Playboy centerfold Joan Staley...

...who would later play Don Knotts' girlfriend in "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" (1966).

Joan and Cesare share a swim which, at times, is quite revealing.

For a kid-friendly dinosaur movie, the scene is startlingly mature.

It's the sort of thing that would have boys in 1961 coming back for repeat viewings.

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


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