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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Who Did This Child Actor Grow Up To Be? (video)

Talented child actor Bart Bradley got around a lot in the 50s-60s...

...including a prime role in the sci-fi/monster classic "Twenty Million Miles To Earth" (1957).

He also appeared on such TV shows as "Telephone Time: Pit-a-Pat and the Dragon" (1957)...
...and "Have Gun Will Travel" (1958) with Richard Boone and John Carradine.

But at some point along the way, child actor Bart Bradley disappeared...
...and was replaced by adult actor Bart Braverman.

Bart then co-starred with Robert Urich as "Binzer" in the hit TV series "Vegas."
He also appeared on several game shows such as "Password Plus" and "The Match Game."

He remains a busy actor to this day.

Song video: Meghan Ashton Kirk

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