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Sunday, May 28, 2017

"BLACK BUTTERFLY" - Now Playing In Theaters, On Demand and Digital HD


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Outside a mountain town grappling with a series of abductions and murders, Paul (Antonio Banderas), a reclusive writer, struggles to start what he hopes will be a career-saving screenplay.

After a tense encounter at a diner with a drifter named Jack (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), Paul offers Jack a place to stay – and soon the edgy, demanding Jack muscles his way into Paul’s work. As a storm cuts off power to the isolated cabin, the two men begin a jagged game of one-upmanship that will bring at least one tale to an end.  

Antonio Banderas ( Desperado , Haywire , The Skin I Live In ), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Match Point , Mission: Impossible III , “The Tudors”) and Piper Perabo ( The Prestige , Looper ) star in this riveting adaptation of the acclaimed French thriller, Papillon Noir . Directed by Brian Goodman and written for the screen by Justin Stanley & Marc Frydman, BLACK BUTTERFLY will be in theaters and on demand on May 26th.


Genre:     Thriller  
Rating:  Rated R for language
U.S. Release Date:   May 26, 2017 (In Theaters and On Demand)
Run Time:   93 minutes 

Cast:  Antonio Banderas, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Piper Perabo 

Directed by: Brian Goodman  Screenplay by:  Justin Stanley & Marc Frydman  Produced by: Silvio Muraglia, Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi, Alexandra Klim, Marc Frydman, Rod Lurie, Alberto Burgueño, Juan Antonio García Peredo


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