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Monday, March 13, 2017

Psychological Drama/Thriller CLAIRE IN MOTION starring Betsy Brandt ("Life in Pieces", "Breaking Bad") DVD Release (4/11)

Brandt impresses in this sensitive moving-on drama" - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

Narrative Spotlight Audience Award – SXSW Film Festival 2016
Official Selection, New American Cinema – Seattle International Film Festival 2016

Breaking Glass Pictures will release the upcoming psychological drama/thriller CLAIRE IN MOTION on DVD April 14, 2017.

CAST:   Betsy Brandt, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Chris Beetem, Sakina Jaffrey

Three weeks after Claire’s husband has mysteriously disappeared, the police have ended their investigation and her son is beginning to grieve. The only person who hasn’t given up is Claire. Soon she discovers his troubling secrets, including an alluring yet manipulative graduate student with whom he had formed a close bond. As she digs deeper, Claire begins to lose her grip on how well she truly knew her husband and questions her own identity in the process. Claire in Motion twists the missing person thriller into an emotional take on uncertainty and loss.

CLAIRE IN MOTION is the second feature film by filmmaking team Lisa Robinson and Annie J. Howell ("Small, Beautifully Moving Parts") and stars Betsy Brandt (“Breaking Bad”, “Life in Pieces”) in a breakthrough performance that twists the missing person thriller into an emotional take on uncertainty and loss.

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With this film, we were interested in telling a story about something that’s been lost — both physically and spiritually. It was intriguing to give Claire a life crisis that leads to a bigger mystery, one that unravels her perception of all she knows to be true. We wanted this experience to be closely observed, and to bring intimacy to every element of the film: the acting, the landscapes, and especially the camerawork.

The world of the Appalachian Ohio college town where the story is set, with its lonely streets and manicured homes, imposing rocky cliffs and dark forests, are all filtered through Claire’s slowly destabilizing mind. Her quest to understand her shifting world after a crisis is a metaphor for universal questions: How do we keep changing throughout our lives? How does our own change and behavior surprise those closest to us, or even ourselves? Can we ever really know anyone? These were the ideas that we explored through the writing and directing of Claire in Motion.


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