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Sunday, October 16, 2016

"MALWARE" Turns Domestic Androids of the Future Against Us!

What if a malware were to infect the domestic androids of the future and they turned against us?

Madrid, October 11th 2016 - Most people associate the word Malware with computer viruses and malicious software, and they are right.

However, Malware is about to take on a new significance, the name of a feature film.  What if in the future a Malware were to infect our domestic androids such as, the cook, the sexual doll or the gardener? 

In the future, those who dominate the network, will control the world.  The RedMutants, a group of hackers and cyberterrorists created a name for themselves by previously controlling the dark side of the internet, also known as the DeepWeb.    Their current goal is to kidnap the Hartman family, for both monetary and personal reasons. 

After neutralizing the security algorithm of the SmartHome, the cybercriminals inoculate a strange virus in the network intelligence console.  However, after realizing that the house-droids are not in sleep mode and have been infected with a rabies-like disease, the plot takes a terrifying twist.

The first of the concept teasers of Malware is set to release on October 13th at Sitges Film Festival, it is also available on YouTube to get a good glimpse of what to expect from the film.  For those wanting more, follow the film’s production and teasers at

“The screenplay comes from talented director Albert Arizza (Ramirez) and has been in development since early 2011.  At this time, we are closing international cast and distribution.  It is expected that principal photography will take place by summer 2017. Shooting is scheduled for 10 weeks”, said producer Monika Goyanes.

"From a young age, I was drawn to science fiction movies, such as Alien, Terminator and Westworld; films with innovative stories and major technological breakthroughs” said Albert Arizza

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