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Thursday, February 18, 2016

"CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA" -- WildEye Releasing Scoops Up New Art and Trailer

WildEye Puts Delicious Death on the Menu for the US
Stuart Simpson's Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Arrives in May

"Napoleon Dynamite by way of Taxi Driver"
- Scream Magazine

New York, NY - WildEye Releasing imports a new flavor of horror this May with the domestic release of the acclaimed Aussie cult thriller Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla.  The latest film from director Stuart Simpson follows an abused and obsessive ice cream truck driver as his life causes him to snap, with terrifying consequences for all.

Awkward, lonely ice cream truck driver Warren Thompson has two major problems: an unhealthy obsession with a soap opera actress, and a gang of bullies who like to savagely beat him on a regular basis. As Warren slowly slips out of reality and into a psychotic fantasy world to escape his miserable life, a darker, deadlier Warren emerges to deal with his problems and put an end to his tormentors.

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla (Official Trailer)

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla will deliver its treats to American audiences on DVD and VOD in May.


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