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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"HIDE AND SEEK" -- South Korean Box Office Smash Available on DVD June 10

"A heart-stopping jolt! This slick South Korean thriller
cunningly manipulates our primal fears...superbly shot and paced!"

"HIDE AND SEEK is Lord of the Korean Thrillers...
a solid and brooding piece of cinema!"

May 13, 2014 (NY, NY) – RAM Releasing, the genre shingle under New York-based distributor Film Movement, today announces the DVD release of HIDE AND SEEK, Jung Huh's critically acclaimed thriller and one of the highest-grossing films at the South Korean box office in 2013. Nominated for two Blue Dragon Film Awards, including Best Actress for Jung-hee Moon and Best New Director, HIDE AND SEEK is an electrifying debut by writer/director Jung, resulting in a new kind of South Korean thriller that recalls the work of such acclaimed modern masters as Kim-Ji Woon (I Saw The Devil) and Na Hong-Jim (The Chaser).

Sung-soo (Son Hyun Ju, Secretly Greatly) has everything: a beautiful wife and children, a comfortable home and luxury car, and plenty of money in the bank. When he learns that his estranged brother has gone missing, he visits his apartment in search of answers. Unsettled by the shabby, half-empty apartment complex, he quickly notices strange symbols inscribed under the doorbells and the terrified residents who hurriedly lock their doors at the sight of an outsider.

The disturbing visit follows Sung-soo and his family home, as they soon find themselves stalked by a mysterious masked figure, and the same strange symbols appear under their doorbell. With his own nightmares escalating out of control, Sung-soo must face his most primal fears to reveal the shocking truth behind the intensifying horror.

HIDE AND SEEK comes to DVD on June 10, including a bonus Making Of featurette that takes audiences behind the scenes of this thrilling, impressive new film. In addition, HIDE AND SEEK also begins streaming on Netflix and Amazon Instant on June 10.

HIDE AND SEEK | 2013 | Thriller | Korean w/ English Subtitles | 107 minutes I Unrated

About RAM Releasing:
An ancillary label at FILM MOVEMENT, the North American distributor of award-winning independent films, RAM Releasing is the shot in the arm movies have been waiting for. With an eye for the suspenseful, the action-packed and the noir of the best dark-genre films, RAM Releasing delivers movie experiences in theaters, on DVD and Bluray, and all digital platforms. Established in late 2013 and currently launching a full slate of releases in 2014, RAM Releasing's first films include current and upcoming hits like APP, Hide & Seek and Moebius. To learn more, visit, or follow on Twitter (@RAM_Releasing) and Facebook (/RAMReleasing).

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