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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SINGLE ROOM FURNISHED -- trailer review by Squashpants

Alright, time again for a look at a movie that, by God, should be in the public domain, and viewable on the public domain channels I get through Roku, but for whatever reason, is not. And tonight's movie is SINGLE ROOM  FURNISHED (1968), starring Jayne Mansfield. This was Jayney's last picture before her death. And, no I haven't seen it, but at some point, I did see the trailer.

The pic was directed by Matt Cimber (real name Matteo Ottaviano) and Jayne got the hots for him, and pushed out Mickey Hargitay for the guy. The story is that Mansfield and Cimber had an on-set spat and she took off to Florida to cool off, and crashed her car just outside of New Orleans, dying. So they had to cobble together the movie with the scenes she had completed, and shift some of the running time to a subplot about some neighbors.

Anyway, I will take the plot synopsis right out of Mike Wheldon's Psychotronic Encyclopedia: "Jayne plays a young bride who dyes her hair and changes her name to wait tables after her husband leaves her pregnant. She changes her name again and becomes a prostitute. The downbeat feature ends when a sailor proposes, then shoots himself as Jayne humiliates him with taunts of 'Mon-kee, mon-kee!'"

Fabian(!) is in this one, as one of the neighbors in the enlarged subplot. And if all that isn't good enough for ya, Bruno Ve Sota plays a character named Donald Duck from Duluth, and Walter Winchell does an introduction.

Now, ya know this has got to be a weird view, especially knowing that Jayne lost her head over it.

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