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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Canadian Mounties vs Atomic Invaders....aka Republic vs No Budget by Ian Friedman

It's been a while since I've done a review for my site, with porfle at the helm, it's not really a concern, but I figured no better time to get back into the thick of things like now. So I'll be doing a series of reviews on random things I've watched, for the moment my attention is on serials/cliffhangers/chapter plays. So without further adieu...


Catchy title, great ideas, godawful cheap execution. Canadian Mounties vs Atomic Invaders is a clear example of what filming with no budget was like at the tail end of Republic's serial production days. The plot itself is actually a great idea, a foreign power is seeking to setup hidden missile bases in Canada to bombard American cities in 90 days as part of a plan to force the unconditional surrender of the US! The stakes are high and failure will lead to the total devastation of the United States (not that the heroes ever seem to be aware of this!). The only problem is due to a low budget these evil plans are carried out by onlu three main villains and maybe two or three other "extras." Our hero is only one person helped out by an undercover operative for the RCMP and a Commissioner and one other officer who pops up. It feels so empty and devoid of a real threat or counter to the threat.

To save on money the base will never be built (and no missiles will be seen), denying us a Lydecker Brothers secret missile base model set. The serial can be broken into two parts, the first with the two assistant villains trying to stop homesteaders from setting up near their first planned missile base with the RCMP agent and the undercover operative going along. This part is actually pretty fun since it's a mix of Western and Northern adventure. However, once we get to the second part back home (the villains now need to setup the base somewhere else) it becomes a pretty cheap and dull affair of numerous failed attempts to either kill the RCMP officer (who kind of reminds me of John Agar) and/or move concrete and explosives. It's so small scale, that it becomes annoying when the idea of a missile base is being teased. I was at least hoping for one last chapter where the base has to be destroyed...but that wasn't going to happen. The fights are okay, nothing near Manhunt in the African Jungle or Masked Marvel, but not totally bad either. They suffer from having to little variety and the fights generally being between the same three people. The few car and boat stunts are rather nice, including a jump onto a moving open bed truck from a hill, but too little to change the tide of a dull and cheap serial. My copy came from the old Republic 2 Tape VHS Set. I haven't seen any of the other Mountie titles, but I have to assume they are fair better than A Canadian Mountie vs Three Guys.


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