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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Horror DVDs from Pacific Entertainment


Movies Featuring the Dead, the Undead and the Deadly Bring Thrills and Chills with Special DVD Features That Make These Films Even More Entertaining

SAN DIEGO – (September 9, 2011) – Creeping into the ever popular marketplace for horror films on DVD and Blu-ray, Pacific Entertainment Corporation (OTCQB: PENT) today announced a slate of three terrifying titles for release in September and October 2011. Silent Night, Zombie Night will be released October 4, The Hagstone Demon will be released September 27, and Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption will be released October 18, 2011

“Horror is an evergreen genre that has historically held mass appeal among adult male audiences,” said Pacific Entertainment President Mike Meader. “We believe these three films are prime examples of what appeals to this loyal audience and anticipate strong interest in the genre to bring us success on DVD and Blu-ray.”


Just in time for Halloween – and positioned for sale throughout the entire 2011 holiday season – is the DVD debut of Silent Night, Zombie Night, the film that proclaims, “This Christmas, you are the holiday feast!”

Written, produced and directed by Sean Cain (Naked Beneath the Water, Breath of Hate), Silent Night, Zombie Night chronicles a viral outbreak the week before Christmas that turns the citizens of Los Angeles into the walking dead. On the brink of severing ties with both his wife and longtime partner, L.A.P.D. officer Frank Talbot finds himself trapped with them. As death closes in, their survival is further threatened by the fact that both men love the same woman.  

[Director] Cain has out-Romeroed George Romero …” – Robin Pierce, GoreZone Magazine

This tops Zombieland!” –  Gruesome Hertzogg, Horror Movie Review

Silent Night, Zombie Night special features include:
--Commentary with Director Sean Cain, Producer Wes Laurie and Director of Photography Jim Wright
--Blooper Reel
--Deleted Scenes
--Easter Egg with footage of Silent Night, Zombie Night star Vernon Wells.


Director Jon Springer combines horror and noir in The Hagstone Demon, a film about drunken ex-reporter Douglas Elmore, played by Mark Borchardt (American Movie), who finds himself entangled in a hyper gothic web of taciturn ghosts, naked Satanists and hairless cats in this moody send up of 60’s Hammer films. Deep within the dilapidated brownstone under Douglas’s care lurks a blonde succubus whose sexual overtures provide a welcome distraction from the spectral visitations of his deceased spouse, and from the dead bodies piling up in the hallways.

Instant. Horror. Classic. … The Hagstone Demon brings something totally fresh to the horror canon.” – Don Neuman, Quiet Earth

The Hagstone Demon has a great quirkiness and energy that makes the film worth a watch …” -- Fangoria

The Hagstone Demon special features include:
--Dollface, a short film by Jon Springer
--Commentary Track with Mark Borchardt and Jon Springer
--Video Interview with Mark Borchardt
--Behind-the-scenes Photos and Original Artwork
--Deleted Scenes and Alternate Opening
--Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound


Horror, adventure and over-the-top, post-nuke comic realism converge in Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption, a film that provides huge must-see appeal among adult male audiences. At the end of civilization, zombies greatly outnumber people and every day is a fight to see tomorrow. Rugged wanderer John Knox is saved by a ragtag group of survivors. As he settles in with his new family, maniacal raiders assault the camp and kidnap Sarah – Knox’s love interest. Knox and the few who escaped the attack join up with zombies and launch an all-or-nothing rescue mission on the raiders’ home fortress.

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption special features include:
--Commentary track with Johnny Gel, Screenwriter Matthew O’Day and Director Ryan Thompson
--“The Road to Redemption” – The Making of ZA:R
--Deleted Scenes
--Still Image Gallery
--5.1 Surround Sound

RUN TIME: Approximately 83 minutes
SRP DVD: $14.98
SRP BLU-RAY: $16.98

RUN TIME: Approximately 107 minutes
SRP DVD: $14.98
SRP BLU-RAY: $16.98

RUN TIME: Approximately 101 minutes
SRP DVD: $14.98
SRP BLU-RAY: $16.98

About Pacific Entertainment Corporation
Pacific Entertainment Corporation (OTCQB: PENT) is an entertainment content and brand management company that produces, manages and distributes affordable entertainment products worldwide. DVDs, Blue-ray and CDs are distributed through the company’s distribution network that extends throughout the U.S. to mass, drugstore, supermarket and specialty retailers. Multi-media products are distributed in the U.S. and internationally for television, cable, streaming, mobile, game platforms, iOS and other emerging tablet devices.

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