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Monday, May 30, 2011

MGM Limited Edition Collection for May 2011

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Reveals More Classic Films Coming To DVD For The First Time Ever

During the Month of June--29 Classics Come to DVD Through Online Retailers

LOS ANGELES (May 24, 2011) – Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s “manufacturing on demand” (“MOD”) program continues to expand with the newest selection of films as part of MGM’s Limited Edition Collection. These 29 films will be available through major online retailers. This group of releases features classics from 1954 to 1990 including performances by Hollywood’s greats – Bob Hope, Anthony Hopkins and Yul Brynner to name just a few.

Enjoy your favorite movies from across the decades including:


Down Three Dark Streets (1954) - After an FBI agent is shot, his friend must handle the caseload and avenge his death. Stars Broderick Crawford; Ruth Roman; Martha Hyer. Directed by Arnold Laven.
Return To Treasure Island (1954) - A descendant of Jim Hawkins visits Treasure Island with a priceless map. Stars Tab Hunter; Dawn Addams; Porter Hall. Directed by Edwald Andre' Dupont.
Quincannon, Frontier Scout (1956) - An ex-army officer leads a search party into Indian territory to investigate the disappearance of a top-secret shipment of repeating rifles.
Stars Tony Martin; Peggie Castle; John Bromfield. Directed by Lesley Selander.
The Killer Is Loose (1956) - A bank robber's (Wendell Corey) wife is shot during his arrest by a cop (Joseph Cotten). He escapes to kill the cop's wife (Rhonda Fleming) as retribution. Despite the cop's protest, the police decide to use Fleming as a lure. Stars Joseph Cotton; Rhonda Fleming; Wendell Corey. Directed by Budd Boetticher.
Hot Cars (1956) - A likable car salesman, facing a financial crunch involving urgent medical attention for his infant son, is tricked into selling stolen cars. Framed for the murder of a cop, he finds himself in life-or-death combat with the real killer on a zooming rollercoaster. Stars John Bromfield; Carol Shannon; Joi Lansing. Directed by Don McDougall.
The Boss (1956) - Political corruption is vividly depicted as a ruthless WWI veteran takes almost complete control of a state with the help of a crooked lawyer.
The film is enhanced by John Payne's persuasive performance as "The Boss." Stars John Payne; William Bishop; Gloria McGhee and Doe Avedon. Directed by Byron Haskin.
Gun Duel In Durango (1957) - He (Robert Montgomery) is the leader of a notorious gang. He wants to settle down. She (Ann Robinson) says she will marry once he has proved his newfound virtue. His former gang buddies have other ideas and a final showdown gunfight is inevitable. Stars George Montgomery; Ann Robinson; Steve Brodie. Directed by Sidney Salkow.
The Halliday Brand (1957) - Joseph H. Lewis directed this intense Western about a young man's (Joseph Cotten) disillusionment with his father (Ward Bond), a corrupt sheriff. When his dad turns away from the lynching of his sister's lover, the boy rebels and his father declares him an "outlaw." Stars Joseph Cotton; Viveca Lindfors; Betsy Blair. Directed by Joseph H. Lewis.
Curse Of The Faceless Man (1958) - A stone figure unearthed in Pompeii followed by a series of skull crushing murders. Stars Richard Anderson; Elaine Edwards; Adele Mara. Directed by Edward L. Cahn.
Lost Lagoon (1958) - He is an unhappy husband who is a castaway on a Caribbean island and thought dead. He meets a lovely lady and they create a holiday resort. The idyll ends when an insurance investigator tracks him down and takes him back to his wife. Stars Jeffrey Lynn; Leila Barry; Peter Donat. Directed by John Rawlins
Riot In Juvenile Prison (1959) - When the shootings of two juvenile inmates bring public protest, a psychologist is brought in to see if he can do anything to control the problems peacefully. Stars Jerome Thor; Marcia Henderson; Scott Marlowe Directed by Edward L. Cahn.
The Man In The Net (1959) - Alan Ladd portrays a painter with an alcoholic and dissatisfied wife (Carolyn Jones). She disappears-leaving behind his slashed paintings. He is accused of murdering her, and flees to the woods. Among the pursuers: one of her former lovers--a tough cop. Stars Alan Ladd; Carolyn Jones; Diana Brewster. Directed by Michael Curtiz.


Phaedra (1962) - The wife of a Greek shipping tycoon has a love affair with her stepson. Stars Melina Mercouri; Anthony Perkins; Raf Vallone. Directed by Jules Dassin.
Call Me Bwana (1963) - Laugh along with this breezy comedy as Bob Hope heads for the African Jungle where he finds himself on an outrageous safari with elephants, hippos, and...spies? Stars Bob Hope; Anita Ekberg; Edie Adams. Directed by Gordon Douglas
Johnny Cool (1963) - Criminals who betrayed a crime boss are in for a bloody revenge. A Sicilian mobster (Henry Silva) is in town to rub them out. Among those waiting for the bullets are Telly Savalas, Mort Sahl, Jim Backus and Brad Dexter. Stars Henry Silva; Elizabeth Montgomery; Richard Anderson. Directed by William Asher.
Love Is A Ball (1963) - Charles Boyer zestfully portrays a (self-appointed) matchmaker on the French Riviera, conducting a lively cast on a slippery road to romance. Stars Glenn Ford;
Hope Lange; Charles Boyer. Directed by David Swift.
A Rage To Live (1965) - A wealthy, free-swinging young woman tries marriage, only to discover she still needs to have affairs with other men. Stars Suzanne Pleshette; Bradford Dillman; Ben Gazzara. Directed by Walter Grauman.
Riot On Sunset Strip (1967) - A crowd of undisciplined young people gather for kicks on the Sunset Strip. Aldo Ray plays a police lieutenant who is sympathetic to the kids but is pressured by businessmen to clear them out. Stars Aldo Ray; Mimsy farmer; Michael Evans. Directed by Arthur Dreifuss.
Red, White, and Zero (aka The White Bus) (1967) - An impassive young girl is taken from her suicidal London life, back to her home in North England on a bizarre bus trip. Seen through the poetic eye of the camera, this is a commentary of doomed British morbidity, and a prelude to director Lindsay Anderson's much acclaimed "If". Stars Anthony Hopkins; Arthur Lowe and Patricia Healy. Directed by Lindsay Anderson.
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1968) - A film adaptation of William Shakespeare's famous play in which four lovers sort out their problems with the help of fairies at midnight in the forest of Athens. Stars Derek Godfrey; Barbara Jefford; Nicholas Selby. Directed by Peter Hall.
The File of the Golden Goose (1969) - A U.S. Treasury agent (Yul Brynner) joins a Scotland Yard detective (Edward Woodward) in going "undercover" to bust a brutal counterfeit gang known as the Golden Goose. But, in a massive double-cross, his British partner defects to the other side.Stars Yul Brynner, Charles Gray; Edward Woodward and John Barrie. Directed by Sam Wanamaker.


Cannon for Cordoba (1970) - George Peppard is a young man who leads a small group to destroy six cannons before the rebel leader (Raf Vallone) and the Mexican army can use them. A rousing, action-filled historical adventure. Starring George Peppard; Giovanna Ralli; Raf Vallone; Peter Duel; Don Gordon and Nico Minardos. Directed by Paul Wendkos. 
Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall (1974) - A fun-loving trumpet player experiences both high jinks and grim realities of war when he trains as a member of a British artillery unit during World War II. Stars Jim Dale; Arthur Lowe; Bill Maynard; Geoffrey Hughes and Windsor Davies. Directed by Norman Cohen.
Hennessy (1975) - After his wife and child are killed during violence in Belfast, an Irishman plots to assassinate the Queen of England in bombing the British Parliament when the Royal Family is in attendance. Stars Rod Steiger; Lee Remick; Richard Johnson. Directed by Don Sharp.
Another Man, Another Chance (1977) - A love story between a French girl and an American doctor, set against the backdrop of France in 1870, after Napoleon III has just lost the war against Prussia. In the wild west, they silently and carefully fall in love for the second time in their lives. Stars James Caan; genevieve Bujold; Francis Huster. Directed by Claude Lelouch.


April Morning (1987) - The "April Morning" here is the famous April 19, 1775 upon which the "Shot heard 'round the world" was fired, signalling the start of the American Revolution. Stars Tommy Lee Jones; Robert Urich; Chad Lowe; Susan Blakely. Directed by Delbert Mann.
Haunted Summer (1988) - Romantic poets Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, along with Shelly's future wife, Mary, and her beautiful stepsister, Claire, travel blissfully through Switzerland one summer. Both women share Shelley's bed, while the tortured Lord Byron flounder in a secret relationship with his physician. They experiment with opium, "free love", and the nature of good and evil. The events form the foundation for Mary Shelley's famous novel, FRANKSTEIN. This drama is part surreal, part historical - of lust and fantasy, of ecstasy and horror, of the inner strings of creativity. Stars Philip Anglim; Alice Krige; Eric Stoltz. Directed by Ivan Passer.
The Iron Triangle (1989) - A U.S. Army Captain, serving in Vietnam in 1969 is captured by a 17-year old Vietcong solider. The pair end up developing a bond. Stars Beau Bridges;
Haing S. Ngor; Liem Whatley. Directed by Eric Weston.


The Fourth War (1990) - A Cold War thriller in which an American colonel and his Soviet counterpart engage in a private, potentially disastrous war. Stars Roy Scheider; Jurgen Prochnow; Tim Reid. Directed by John Frankenheimer.

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