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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

THE RED GREEN SHOW: THE DELINQUENT YEARS (Seasons 1997 - 1999) On DVD March 15, 2011

Seasons 7-9 of Hit PBS Comedy in Value-Priced Collection

“A bona fide made-in-Canada classic with universal comic appeal” – The Globe and Mail
“Rustic and rusty, north of the border deadpan zaniness” —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“Masterpiece Theatre this ain’t” – The Washington Post
“A hip cult classic” – The Detroit Free Press

“I’m a man, but I can change if I have to, I guess.”
“It doesn't take long for men to make a decision. It's making a decision look smart that takes the time.”
“They say necessity is the mother of invention. Don’t know who the father is; probably remorse.”

– Red Green (master of all things Canadian, manly, and duct taped)

Silver Spring, MD — Serving up nearly twenty hours of laughs, The Red Green Show: The Delinquent Years, the collected Seasons 7-9 (1997-1999) of the Canadian comedy and longstanding PBS hit, arrives on DVD from Acorn Media on March 15, 2011. The Delinquent Years finds Canada’s most hilarious handyman and his gang growing older—but still not growing up. Showcasing three more years of celebrated chaos and commotion at Possum Lodge, this 9-disc boxed set includes 47 episodes with Red and his crew dreaming up more of the half-baked ideas, crazy contraptions, and unintended consequences that seemed like they would never end, but did, after 15 hilarious years ($79.99,

Creator and star Steve Smith is a mastermind of north-of-the-border handyman humor with widespread appeal. Currently appearing at venues throughout the U.S., Smith’s multi-year tour continues to sell out.  Akin to Home Improvement, which also debuted in 1991, The Red Green Show amassed a devout fan base during the show’s 15-year run for Red Green and his Possum Lodge friends’ adventurous antics, off-kilter advice, preposterous inventions and power tool artillery.  Ending in April 2006 with exactly 300 episodes that still run in syndication, the Canadian comedy institution has spawned a feature film, specials, books, and a cult-like following. 

These 47 episodes feature series regulars Ranger Gord, Bill Smith, Hap Shaughnessy, and, of course, Red’s beleaguered but beloved nephew, Harold.  The collection finds the Possum Lodge pack in some of the show’s greatest moments—building a double-wide limo, partaking in a “Pardi Gras” parade, Red’s running for political office, staging a mutiny, and much more. For more laughs than you can shake a hockey stick at, join these hopeless handymen for three more years of doing what men do when women aren’t around—and some things that are even worse.

Acorn Media previously released the 1997-2001 individual season DVD collections, The Red Green Show: The Infantile Years (Seasons 1991-93), The Red Green Show: The Toddlin’ Years (Seasons 1994–96), as well as several specials. 

Street: March 15, 2011                                     
SRP: $79.99
DVD 9-Disc Boxed Set: 47 episodes - Approx. 19 ½ hours
Closed Captioned

EXTRA JUNK: Character bios and production notes written by star and creator, Steve Smith

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