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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SINEATERS With Tim O'Hearn, Melantha Blackthorne, and Debbie Rochon Starts Shooting In March

SINEATERS is the story of a lone drifter (Tim O'Hearn) who has come to the end of a violent and bloody journey. He has the power to consume the sins of evil-doers, and the power to heal with his hands, part faith healer and part gunslinger. He loses the spiritual struggle with the Grim, a manifestation of all the evil he has removed from the world, and is turned against his sineater comrades by the cult known as the Vessels of Wrath.

Working with a twisted preacher, Brother Aaron, and a darkly alluring woman who seems to guide the preacher's every decision, the Sineater hunts down his friends one by one, as the battle for his soul rages on.

Multi-talented actress and filmmaker Melantha Blackthorne (SINNERS AND SAINTS, COUNTESS BATHORIA'S GRAVEYARD PICTURE SHOW) tells us more: "It's my second film with director Sean Michael Argo, the first being 'Fable: Teeth of Beasts', and we are shooting in Arkansas starting Feb.28th. Debbie Rochon will be playing a badass sineater named 'Carpenter' and I'll be playing the mother of all evil, 'The Grim Lady.'

"She discovered the existence of the Grim, and has become attuned to them, in many ways a servant of them, and is very in touch with her own inner darkness. A dark crusader as it were."

Bekah Kelso, who plays "Booth", recently told her Facebook readers:  "Co-wrote and acting in the new film 'Sineaters' which starts shooting next week in Arkansas. The ever-awesome Ian Argo and I are co-producing this little baby together, with the talented Mr. Ripley, I mean Sean Michael Argo, as director...and actor, co-writer, co-conspirator, co-abomination.

"So stoked to be on board with this talented team and to be working with kick ass actors/human beings Tim O'Hearn, Debbie Rochon, Melantha Blackthorne, Ryan Loyd, Jason Bolton and his chin.

"What's that? You're hungry, little fella? Need something to eat? Well have some of my Sin. Its in season and its de-LICIOUS!"

Vaughn - Tim O'Hearn
The Grim Lady - Melantha Blackthorne
Carpenter - Debbie Rochon
Brother Aaron - C. Jason Bolton
Booth - Bekah Kelso
Harris - Sean-Michael Argo
Miller - Ryan Loyd
Alexander McBryde - Ian Argo

Director - Sean-Michael Argo

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