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Friday, January 14, 2011

British TV on DVD Jan. 25 - Stylish Man in a Suitcase and more Pie in the Sky, Agatha Christie Hour, and Wish Me Luck

North American DVD debut of the action-packed 1960s spy series; Accused of treason, a former American agent turns private eye

MAN IN A SUITCASE Set 1 on DVD January 25, 2011

“Stylish action-adventure series” —The Independent

Silver Spring, MD — A gritty spy thriller in the vein of Secret Agent and Danger Man, Man in a Suitcase, Set 1 makes its North American DVD debut from Acorn Media on January 25, 2011. Richard Bradford (The Untouchables) stars as “Mac” McGill, a cynical yet honest spy who has been disavowed by his American bosses and is on the run from a host of international enemies. Packed with tension and Cold War intrigue, Man in a Suitcase had national broadcast exposure on ABC in 1968. Set 1 includes the first 15 episodes of this engaging and stylish series (DVD 4-Disc,, $59.99).

“Mac” McGill is an ex-spy with a murky past and an uncertain future. Wrongfully dismissed by his bosses in U.S. intelligence, he decides to freelance as a private detective based out of London. McGill’s work takes him far and wide, yet seemingly always on a collision course with the British authorities, the Soviets, and his old colleagues in American espionage. Beset by enemies on all sides, he strives to clear his name and restore his reputation. But until he does, he remains on the run, taking jobs in the dark and dangerous corners of European society.

This action-packed Cold War drama features savvy writing and a host of superb guest stars, including Donald Sutherland (Pride & Prejudice), James Grout (Inspector Morse), Anton Rodgers (Lillie), Nicola Pagett (Upstairs, Downstairs), Peter Vaughan (The Remains of the Day), Stuart Damon (General Hospital), and Judy Geeson (Mad About You).

Street: January 25, 2011                 
SRP: $59.99              
Bonus Features: Photo gallery

DVD 4-Disc Set: 15 episodes - Approx. 779 min. – British drama

Culinary detective series serves up more mysteries; Starring Richard Griffiths (Harry Potter)

PIE IN THE SKY, SERIES 4 Debuts on DVD January 25, 2011

“A pleasure to watch” —The Globe and Mail

“Witty and incredibly entertaining” —

“Excellent cook-detective series” —Daily Mail

“An enjoyable British mix of character comedy and murder mystery” —MSN

“As much a pleasure for culinary enthusiasts as it is for crime fans” —The Times

Silver Spring, MD — Pie in the Sky, Series 4 debuts on DVD from Acorn Media on January 25, 2011 with all the right ingredients for an enchanting detective drama. Tony® winner Richard Griffiths (Harry Potter, The History Boys) returns to the whimsical British series as DI Henry Crabbe, a semi-retired detective more interested in cooking than in crime-fighting. Seen on public television, Pie in the Sky debuted on BBC1 in the U.K. in March 1994 and aired for five series. Series 4 guest stars include Keeley Hawes (MI-5, Ashes to Ashes) and Jane Wymark (Midsomer Murders, Poldark). The 2-Disc set includes all six episodes from series four ($39.99,

Detective Inspector Henry Crabbe divides his time between catching criminals and his true passion—cooking. The proprietor of Pie in the Sky, his dream restaurant, Crabbe had hoped to while away his retirement serving up his favorite dishes with his accountant wife, Margaret (Maggie Steed, Shine on Harvey Moon). But his boss, Assistant Chief Constable Freddy Fisher (Malcolm Sinclair, Casino Royale), is determined to keep his best detective on the payroll, tackling the cases that only Crabbe’s deft touch can solve.

Series 4 Episodes: Devils on Horseback (Part One), Devils on Horseback (Part Two), Chinese Whispers, New Leaf, Breaking Bread, Gary’s Cake.

Street: January 25, 2011                 
SRP: $39.99

DVD 2-Disc Set: 6 episodes - Approx. 296 min. SDH subtitles

Acorn Media previously released the series on DVD with Series 1 (May 2009) and Series 2 (January 2010) in 3-volume boxed sets, $49.99. Series 3 debuted September 2010 in a 2-disc set, $39.99.

More classic Christie tales on DVD for the first time; Seen on PBS Mystery!


“An engrossing, mystery-lover's treasure from beginning to end” —Library Bookwatch

Silver Spring, MD —Agatha Christie’s short fiction comes alive in The Agatha Christie Hour, Set 2, debuting on DVD from Acorn Media on January 25, 2011. Broadcast on PBS’s Mystery! in the early 1980s, these five splendid adaptations feature an outstanding ensemble cast portraying lesser-known Christie protagonists as they grapple with romance, murder and the supernatural in Art Deco England (DVD 2-Disc set, $39.99,

The Queen of Crime plumbs the recesses of the human heart in these five tales of mystery and murder, passion and peril, suspense and the supernatural. In these final episodes, Christie protagonists find themselves the victims of false accusations, embroiled in illicit love affairs, torn between duty and desire, and under the thumb of employers with questionable motives. These classic adaptations are Christie at her best, now on DVD for the first time.

The superb ensemble casts include Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding), Amanda Redman (New Tricks, Sexy Beast), Ralph Bates (Dear John, Poldark), Stephanie Cole (Doc Martin), Cherie Lunghi (Secret Diary of a Call Girl), and Christopher Cazenove (The Duchess of Duke Street, Dynasty).


Magnolia Blossom: An unhappy wife tries to escape her marriage.

The Mystery of the Blue Jar: A young man consults an expert on the paranormal.

The Red Signal: A séance foretells of sudden death and danger.

Jane in Search of a Job: An Englishwoman takes on a dangerous assignment.

The Manhood of Edward Robinson: A henpecked fiancé sets off on the drive of his life.

Thames Television produced ten episodes of The Agatha Christie Hour in 1982. Acorn Media previously released the first five episodes of Set 1 in July 2010.

Street: January 25, 2011                             
SRP: $39.99

DVD 2-Disc Set: 5 episodes - Approx. 260 min. - British mystery - SDH subtitles

BONUS: Biography of Agatha Christie

British heroines return in gripping WWII drama set behind enemy lines;
Seen on public television

WISH ME LUCK, Series 2 On DVD January 25, 2011

“A corker” —The Huffington Post

Silver Spring, MD — Based on the true story of British heroines tasked with spying on the Nazis in occupied France, Wish Me Luck, Series 2 arrives to DVD from Acorn Media on January 25, 2011. Featuring more superb performances and plots rife with subterfuge and danger, Series 2 stars Kate Buffery (Trial & Retribution), Lynn Farleigh (Pride and Prejudice), Jane Asher (A Voyage Round My Father), and Jane Snowden (All Passion Spent), with co-stars Jeremy Northam (The Tudors) and Julian Glover (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). Filmed on location in Britain and France, Wish Me Luck combines strong female characters, tension-filled plots and historical authenticity (DVD 2-Disc, 7 episodes,, $39.99).

In the midst of WWII, brave British women risk their lives as secret agents in occupied France. Their assignment is sabotage, subversion, and propaganda; their fate, if caught, is torture or worse.

Now an experienced operative, Liz Grainger (Kate Buffery) is working in the London home office under the direction of Colonel James “Cad” Cadogan (Julian Glover). Desperately needed recruits join the team, but they bring troubles of their own. Vivien (Lynn Farleigh) carries a secret that may compromise her judgment, while Emily (Jane Snowden) is a skilled radio operator but dangerously raw at the spy game. How will they fare in France, where even the smallest mistake can prove fatal?

Created by Jill Hyem and Lavinia Warner (BBC’s Tenko), Wish Me Luck aired on ITV for three series (1988-90) and broadcast on U.S. public television in the 1990s.

Street: January 25, 2011                                         
SRP: $39.99

DVD 2-Disc Set: 7 episodes - Approx. 375 min. SDH subtitles

Acorn Media previously released Series 1 in March 2010, (DVD 2-Vol. Boxed Set, $39.99).

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