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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Edge of Darkness Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Review

Edge of Darkness is a remake/re-imagining of a BBC TV Series from 1985 which incidentally was done by the director of the TV series, Martin Campbell. The movie is a slick nicely made thriller dealing with a man (Mel Gibson) investigating the sudden death (and murder) of his daughter Emma and how far the conspiracy that killed her goes. The action scenes are generally rather nicely done and the acting is competent, if nothing spectacular. Obviously ideas and plot development had to be compressed from the original BBC TV Series along with other changes to accommodate the change of locations. Most importantly the themes that were far more relevant during the BBC airing feel more like a McGuffin in this version. It's pure pulp entertainment, certainly worth a viewing, but nothing that will displaces the original or stand the test of time (it had the misfortune to be released against Avatar), but there is nothing wrong with well made pulp (look at Taken for example). The High Definition Video and Audio are uniformly excellent with great sound separation and surround activity couple with an immaculate print free of any damage. The Blu-ray also comes with a DVD version and Digital Version. The only real extras of note are five minutes of deleted scenes and a 30 minute multi-part making of feature. Both extras are in HD. If you liked the movie this is a great version to get since it covers DVD, Blu-ray, and a Digital Copy, making it an excellent value for consumers.


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